Retreats. Trainings. Workshops

2016 will bring creative magical offerings to the DC Area!

Women’s retreats, Delight the Book, Thrive Health Courses and more!

WOWOW! It’s going to be a great year…..

I can’t wait to share and learn with you.

All information can be found at

Fall Mom’s Up Retreat @ Meadowkirk

Delight Winter Retreat @ Meadowkirk

Pause a 1 day retreat in DC

Thrive Health Courses

Mother / Daughter Workshops

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend. Words cannot express how great I feel and how the weekend allowed me to put so many things in perspective!” TML

“I can’t say enough how thankful I am for everything that lilomm provides. The mother’s day workshop I took a few years back is literally got my through my husband’s deployment. I printed out the meditation and had it on mirror to read every day  and I share it with others everytime there is a new deployment. The trust workshop was also transformative. I’ve been singing, dancing, taking time to enjoy my tea and doing more moon yoga to ground myself and find that trust. My intention this fall has been to find more of myself and that workshop provided such a wonderful place to beign doing that in concrete ways. Thank you so much!” KC

“I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you both again for a wonderful retreat. It was truly such a treat for me and the girls separately and alone. They were able to be in nature, have no one ask about their “divorce”, be themselves, have fun, connect with others, etc. I was able to relax, do yoga, learn, and just be. And most of all, I think we all came away with a tighter bond and feeling empowered. You two are both so special to me and I am just so grateful for what you have given me and my little family. You should be so proud of what you accomplished over this weekend as moms.. friends and business owners. Thank you for such a special gift that you have given the three of us. What a treat!” RR

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