Daily Intentions, Simplified.

Want to have more intentionality in your life every day?

Okay, this will help . . . Grab your journal and give yourself 10-20 minutes.

  1. How do you want to feel in your life EVERY DAY?  Radiant? Energetic? Healthy? Beautiful? Thoughtful? Free? Creative? Productive? Connected? Loving? Helpful? Contributing? Wealthy? Mindful? Aware? Truthful?
  2. Make a list of what you value and what feelings are associated with that value.  For example, I value reading and writing. I want to feel FREE and spacious enough to make the time to read and write, every day! So, my values and my feelings are aligned. *And I know it may not happen EVERY, EVERY day- but it’s happening MOST days.
  3. Think about how your days and your life are currently planned out to support these feelings and values. . . or maybe how they are not, yet!
  4. Make a list of a few things you can add to your life now to help you cultivate the feelings you WANT to have each day or to validate what you are already doing. For example, I make time to prepare healthy food for my family a few times a week. This is high on my feeling connected, healthy and loving list. So, when I do it, I remind myself that my actions are aligned with my values. This REALLY helps prevent the whole thought loop of-” I never get anything done. I’m so far behind. I should…”
  5. Now, look at everything you just mapped out- and start to play with some ideas for your Word of the Year. This does not have to be too complicated. Look at all the areas you just mapped out and ask yourself- what is calling to me? What patterns do I notice? You get to choose something that feels awesome with the direction, motivation and place that you are in right now. It’s not for anyone else or to prove anything. It’s just a way to guide you through this year. Just a theme that you get to weave into your life and SEE WHAT HAPPENS!
  6. Choose your word of the year and it email over to me! (pleasance@lilomm.com) jot down in a few places (index card, bathroom, car, notes on your phone) your word to remind you throughout the year. CHECK in with yourself every few weeks or months with these same practices above and see where your word is showing up and let me know how it goes. I’m ALWAYS shocked at the end of the year how my word showed up, guided me, helped me, whispered to me. It’s a fun and meaningful way to engage more deeply with your daily life.



all of; entire.

synonyms: entire, complete, full, unabridged, uncut

antonyms: incomplete

in an unbroken or undamaged state; in one piece.

synonyms: intact, in one piece, unbroken;


with no part removed.


“all people should be whole in body, mind, and spirit”

a thing that is complete in itself.

all of something.

“the effects will last for the whole of his life”

synonyms: all, every part, the lot, the sum, the sum total, the entirety

*2015 word of the year.


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