Vision Board 101

In this video segment I give you an online introduction to vision boards with examples of my most personal boards dating back to 2007.


I absolutely love vision boarding and find it to be a creative way to go deeper every time I’m faced with a new phase or chapter in my life.  Vision boarding is an intentional practice– a way to help clarify and focus on a specific goal.  It unleashes your creativity and gets the juices flowing in new ways.

You don’t need much for a vision board… the back of a cardboard box, some quiet time to sit and listen to your heart, magazines, scissors, and glue!  There are so many types of vision boards and you can get very specific with the type of board you create.  The possibilities are endless and the more you practice vision boarding, the more you work inwards, and the more you are able to listen to your soul.

Vision boarding is a type self-care and a helpful tool for intentionality planning.  Give it a try and let me know what comes up for you.  I’d love to see your board and/or hear how vision boarding has served you.

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