I have been trying to get quiet. While life speeds by at a pace I could never actually keep up with
I am just slowing it down.
Honoring the word no. Savoring the quiet.
Leaving open blocks of unplanned time.
Just really breathing. Inhale expand, exhale contract.
I have a number of huge things I am thinking through. What is to come? For now, this will do. A snuggly and sweet 5 year old who is ever changing and growing. I am amazed at how she is. I see her now as she is. Her own person. Moving into a new parenting stage, relationship with her. letting her go. Watching her soar. Trusting we did the best we could the first 5 years.. Since now her world expands. This moment is real, it’s all I’ve got.
I am slowing down so that I can be clear. it not always clear where this path will go.
Trust the process, trust the knowledge that surrounds you. Let it guide your way. Get quiet.