Delight- Mind Body Practice Part 2

Do you ever feel like things are just way- way-way- out of control?

I know I do. Sometimes I get mad at the kids or my husband and within just a few minutes I realize – I am so not mad at them.. something else is going on.

So- at this part- the practice below is what I do.

It’s when I know something is happening inside and it is manifesting on the outside.

I hope it helps you when you need.

Print it out- take a picture and put it in a safe place. Do it often and see what happens.

Love to hear what shows up for you..( email me

Mind-Body Practice

Take a deep breath. Place your feet on the floor, press into them fully. Balance the weight on the feet front back, side to side and find center. Lengthen your spine. Feel your breath fill up and then leave your torso. Know that you are loved and supported. Know that this road, your journey, will be full of both challenges and delights.


Part of our common human experience is experiencing all the beauty and all the sorrow life brings us. Start inviting more truth into your life right now by acknowledging where you are in this moment. Right now. What are the sounds around you? What is your heart calling for? What part of your life needs a more love?

Ground yourself and then focus on this mantra:

“I acknowledge the truth of where I am. I will start here.”

*Excerpt from chapter 2, Acknowledgment in my book Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy And Ease.  which is FREE this weekend! ENJOY.

I see you.

I see you there, afraid to shine.


Wondering what to do next?

Who you are, now?

How did my life get like this?

Where and why did I get lost  along the way?

The daily life of to do, to be, to impress, and I don’t even know who I am?

I hear you, mama.

I know you feel like you have to give YOU up to be there for them.

But, what if you didn’t? What if you GET to be you and be a good mom.

You are okay, just as you are.

You shine, they see you & love you so much. Stop to notice that.

In the moments you are cooking and folding and washing and racing, the eyes are big, look at me, mama.. I see you, they say.

They know who you are, without all the layers that are weighing you down.

You are good. You are kind. You are love.

I see you mama. Come with me, let’s embrace who WE are, in order to love them more.

To live our lives with our own strong, wild and fabulous song.


Today, May I be happy and free. May I put My own joy at the top of my list.

May I allow small, simple, beautiful actions to be enough. Pause. Breathe. Notice.

May I give love and in return be kind and generous to myself, first.

May I make myself a priority. May I breathe deeply, stretch my miraculous body  and

remember to take good care of it.


I wrote this poem today inspired by some conversations I have had recently with my friends who ask good questions. A few of the ladies in my life, who wonder, do I have to sacrifice my joy to be a mom? is this just how it is? Is there happiness and health and education more important than mine? My answer is no. They are not to be compared. Let’s do both. Let’s take good care of ourselves AND our children.

I wrote a book about it, in fact. for all women, not just mamas. Delight is coming in April.

The book will give you practical strategies to find your way home to yourself, with the purpose of bringing more ease and joy in your daily life. It’s not easy, but it’s simple.

I use simple yoga and meditation tools and principals and share my journey to joy.

The book will be free when it comes out April 14, if you want to help me spread the word and get a copy- email and I’ll put you on the list.

With a big heart,



“wobble, wobble, relax”

my darling teacher tells me this as an instruction to meditate.


Yikes, feels so big. what will happen if I do that? will I unravel or cry or fall down? become lazy, unreliable, disengaged? 


My dad told me this as a child when I would get too crazy, hyper, loud or upset. It REALLY pissed me off. 

will I loose control of the life to which I have no control? Will I wake up to this mystery & believe that all I love will ever be here again tomorrow, in the same way? 

Will I get wild, loose my way, chart my course? Write my next chapter?

the instruction, RELAX, has become listen. pay attention. wake up, lady.

You cant busy yourself out of loss or imperfections. 

Playing with my softer side- exploring the landscape of open fields or prairies instead of committees and endless thinking projects. 

A life, telling the to-do lady to hush and the to-be lady its okay.


summer planner

here is the planner I am working on for my month long sabbatical from the yoga studio. I am anxious about all the down time so I created this to help me sort through it and give me some guidelines. xoxo