Delight- Mind Body Practice Part 2

Do you ever feel like things are just way- way-way- out of control?

I know I do. Sometimes I get mad at the kids or my husband and within just a few minutes I realize – I am so not mad at them.. something else is going on.

So- at this part- the practice below is what I do.

It’s when I know something is happening inside and it is manifesting on the outside.

I hope it helps you when you need.

Print it out- take a picture and put it in a safe place. Do it often and see what happens.

Love to hear what shows up for you..( email me

Mind-Body Practice

Take a deep breath. Place your feet on the floor, press into them fully. Balance the weight on the feet front back, side to side and find center. Lengthen your spine. Feel your breath fill up and then leave your torso. Know that you are loved and supported. Know that this road, your journey, will be full of both challenges and delights.


Part of our common human experience is experiencing all the beauty and all the sorrow life brings us. Start inviting more truth into your life right now by acknowledging where you are in this moment. Right now. What are the sounds around you? What is your heart calling for? What part of your life needs a more love?

Ground yourself and then focus on this mantra:

“I acknowledge the truth of where I am. I will start here.”

*Excerpt from chapter 2, Acknowledgment in my book Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy And Ease.  which is FREE this weekend! ENJOY.