what if

do I get to wear the label if I dont stand on my head? I don’t do what they do, don’t look like they look. its not about them, it always been about saving me.

I choose breath over posture. I dont easily do this work. it takes time. I am no gymanst, no dancer. just years of unhealthy stuff put into this body to cover the pain that was layering on. fast food, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar.

the practice sets me straight over & over. clearer & clearer until like magic.. I am me.
whole & loved
open & scared
awake & aware

its all here, in my heart.
(and it was the whole time)


little altars everywhere….

here are some shots of the little alters I have created in my home. I wanted to create a sense of joy & purpose& devotion in the areas I use the most.. organically these came to be my sweet spots for connection. When I wake, when I wash, when I dress- I pause, reflect, offer gratitude for all my blessings. Send a prayer to someone who needs it- and off I go into the world…. I hope this inspires you to create “little alters everywhere!” xo