simple gifts

it looks like a table of perfection.
a table of love, in my heart.

as an only child from a single parent home, I often ate dinner on the couch, in my room, from a bag, in the drive thru…
most nights it was just my mom & I. watching tv, sitting together.
we were the family. I longed for siblings, for both parents to be together- the ultimate sign of family to me is the dinner table.
the nightly routine of sacred ordinary.
traditions, schedules, consistency.

this table represents the deepest love for my family. the insanely blessed life we are living, together. now. the incredible inner work I have done to be able to create this table. to give my kids this gift of security, or stability.

I know my mom did the best she could… this is not A rant about her parenting style or our challenges.
this is simply about the inner
longing I have had my whole life to have this.

just a table, with a family.
gathered around. regularly.

this is the good life.