Healing Tool Kit

“There is no way out. The only the way is through.” Shambala teaching
Find a quiet spot. Take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself these questions below- jot them down in a journal or just reflect on the answers that arise.
How are you feeling? (no filter, no judgment)
Where do you feel this in your body? ( what specific areas of the body are these emotions arising?)
What does it feel like?  Be specific. ( Be detailed. Label and identify)
Practice Sama Vritti for 10 rounds.
inhale 4 count. exhale 4 count. ( 1 round)


What are 3 things/people/places  you adore in your life?
What are 3 things you can put in your “wellness tool kit, care kit” ?
What helps you return HOME in your body? Be specific- baths, hugs, yoga, meditation, oils, Pema books, etc) The clearer you are here- the better! This is a TOTALLY unique list for you to return to when you need to ground and center yourself.


Lay down on your back, flat. Spread your arms and legs so they have space so you feel the breathe fully in all areas of your body. Breathe from souls of feet to top of head. Watch this for guidance. 

In closing,

What is something you can do TODAY from a generous heart, with no expectation, no outcome.
Go out in the world and DO THAT THING.
I also find this type of breathing, deeply healing and this type of meditation also helps me to  cultivate compassion for my self and for others.
What do you to to heal your heart, heal your soul?

the rain

it wont stop.
like it had a secret view of the inside.
when all the guests left.
there I was again.
just me, the daily chores&the rain

washing away the insights
whispering to me, I understand.
i get you, friend.

ill give you a day off.
just be still- just be awake.

it wont stop coating the windows and surrounding me.
comforting me.
showing the world that is so beautiful that sometimes, its okay to cry.
just because its all so beautiful.
because we have so much.
because we give our all.

the thunder breaks in and reminds me of our own strength. like a deep call to surrender. give up, my friend.