summer breeze

our neighbors on both sides moved. its hard to look at the empty house next door that was full for so long.

I hold my breath in the morning to make sure baby Milo is breathing well and I am acutely aware that his 2nd bday is right around the corner. At which point I must stop referring to him as “baby”!

I am about to move to the beach for a month with the kids & not teach yoga& parent full time. I have mixed feelings that I am still untangling.

Our tv is mostly broken at home which has been a gift. so much silence. I have been reading & pausing & breathing and noticing.

now I have less time to rush. I go to my yoga mat, I lay there hold & breathe. I practice being kind to my body. I feel the subtle shifts.

I am half way done with a 14 day whole food cleanse. I love how it feels to put good things in my body all the time as a commitment to my health. a way to reset. I am sad at how hard I think it can be not to drink. I didn’t realize how big a role it plays in my life.

I feel like I am in a new place, a new territory. less distracted. less engaged with everyone all the time. more pause on facebook, on blog, on phone. more time in person. taking care of my body, my heart, my soul. approaching ” the afternoon” of my life perhaps?

tonight there is a supermoon, I just opened the door to the deck to feel the breeze and it went through me. it sent energy into my being. I could feel it deep in my soul. the humid breeze took my breath away, stopped me in my steps and filled me with love.

* want a thoughtful summer read?
I just finished “Madly Chasing Peace” and “Devoted” by Dani Shapiro.