returning to this place

I have been gone quite a while.
scared to stop and write, to be open about the challenges that have been appearing in front of me.
starting to heal. I teach, I love, I shed the tears of joy and it’s been a wild ride.
the bigness of our lives, of our moments, each strung with breathe. it’s real. I can feel it..
change is on the way. for me, for you, for fall.. all around us. without us holding tight or letting go.
slowly coming back to life. the pain is softening, the fears have less of a hold.

no matter when you think the healing has happened, you can always go deeper, uncover more heart.
the experience itself is not something to minimize. it’s so great. its magical how it all happens.
feeling supported so that you don’t drown in sorrow.
Here comes creativity, spirit and some ease.. asking the questions I’m ready to answer.
stepping into the light to release the patterns that don’t serve me anymore.
She told me it was enough.
I am enough.



welcome home

coming home to the intensity of DC has taken a toll on me. I spent so much time alone this summer, close to the ocean. Now I only see oceans of people and cars and lots &lots of over thinking.
I live in the most educated place in the US. people are smart and live with their brains.
I choose to live with my heart.
I am not sure I fit in here anymore.. at this pace, in this life, here?
I have fear about whats to come.
So I am reaching out-
calling friends, reading poems, sleeping whenever I can and hugging my kiddos too much.
I know the answers are inside me.
I am my own beloved.