Always asking.

DSC_6323-finalFor all my friends who ask the big questions.. this one is for you.

“How strange that the nature of life is change, yet the nature of human beings is to resist change. And how ironic that the difficult times we fear might ruin us are the very ones that can break us open and help us blossom into who we were meant to be.”
― Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

My whole life, I have asked, WHY? I’m a seeker. It’s the beautiful depth of our experience that I can feel & hear & breathe into each day, and it’s the pain & suffering of all humans that I see as real. That brings me to tears, that overwhelms my heart.

I have been reading the book, Broken Open, by Elizabeth Lesser for almost a year. I read a chapter every other day. It’s been a wonderful friend, support and encouragement for me when I needed it. I have just finished it and feel like I’m saying goodbye to someone I love dearly.

I recently declared that I was going to do less, that I was going to ACTIVELY relax more, plan less and put my health and well being at the TOP of my daily to do list. So, this has translated into long walks – alone with my podcasts… not only do I get to start the day moving my body- BUT I also get to nourish my spiritual soul or learn something new about business. I LOVE people & interviews so this walking while listening has been really wonderful.

“May you listen to the voice within the beat even when you are tired. When you feel yourself breaking down, may you break open instead. May every experience in life be a door that opens your heart, expands your understanding, and leads you to freedom. If you are weary, may you be aroused by passion and purpose. If you are blameful and bitter, may you be sweetened by hope and humor. If you are frightened, may you be emboldened by a big consciousness far wiser than your fear. If you are lonely, may you find love, may you find friendship. If you are lost, may you understand that we are all lost, and still we are guided—by Strange Angels and Sleeping Giants, by our better and kinder natures, by the vibrant voice within the beat. May you follow that voice, for This is the way—the hero’s journey, the life worth living, the reason we are here. ”
― Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

This morning, I listened to the Sounds True- Insights from the Edge ( Tami Simon) interview with Elizabeth Lesser… the title of the interview is ” I Want To Grow, More Than I Want to Be Safe. ”
For all my seeker friends, this one is for you.

This conversation about finding a teacher, bring spiritual and what that means, asking questions, trusting your own self, seeing the EXTRAORDINARY in the ordinary all resonated with me.

I know many of my yoga and meditation friends will enjoy this podcast. Lots of beautiful reminders….

here’s to the journey, my friends. You can listen here.