Let’s Work Together.

My passion in life is connecting  with, supporting, and helping others to live with joy and ease.

I have  mentored, taught, supported and guided women in health, yoga, parenting, nutrition and wellness for many years. It’s my personal mission to help women do less, live more and feel awesome in their body and their life.

I love setting goals. I love dreaming. I love boundaries & productivity alongside plenty of rest and SOUL time.

Let me help you find the way.

Email me info@lilomm.com for information about working with me.

We will set up an initial call ( 15 minutes) to see if it’s a good fit.

“Thank you!  It is always so grounding and insightful to learn with you.  You are an amazing teacher and example of how we should cultivate authenticity and compassion for ourselves into our lives. ” MF

“Thank YOU for sharing your talents and gifts to all of us this weekend, for helping us to integrate our retreat lives into our daily lives, and to think of them as “one.”” AJ

” I wanted to send you a quick email to say hello, send you a quick note about the how I’ve been, and say thank you. Thank you, because the Wishes workshop at your home was apparently the kick in the butt I needed to get going and make a shift in my life.  Since that night, I’ve really been working to clarify my goals and to make small but powerful changes in myself and how I interact with the world.  In the last month, I’ve really stuck to my goals of doing more for myself and getting out of my slump. ” HZ


I am available to work with YOGA STUDIO OWNERS or TEACHERS who want to DIVE into the CORE work that lil omm yoga  has been doing for the past 8 years.

We are passionate about prenatal, postnatal, toddlers, kiddos and the families that love them.

I can help you start programs & classes that meet the needs of YOUR community and help you foster relationships, build community and serve families. This work is amazing. We will talk about space, class times, program options and finding a loyal and connected staff. Which all help grow your name, your brand and your mission.

I am truly blessed to be doing this work each day. I work hard, I take a lot of time for myself & I take my commitment to service and yoga very seriously. I can help you determine an ideal schedule for your community and your studio. I am SO excited to work with YOU and help YOU grow your business.  email me info@lilomm.com for more information.

15 minute initial consults are free. email pleasance@lilomm.com to set up a time to talk.

with love and gratitude, p.

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