Itsy Bitsy Yoga

I am now offering PRIVATE Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes and training.

These are intimate sessions where I teach you ( and your partner or other kiddos) the basics of Itsy Bitsy Yoga poses for your pre-crawlers. We can do this on Skype or in person.

Benefits of Itsy Bitsy are…

*improved digestion

*improved sleep quality and consistency

*focused, intentional connection

*poses for play & for rest

See this sweet video of Adele & Stephanie’s private session.

contact for scheduling & questions.

“I had to share. This evening I was doing yoga with Henry (he still loves jiggle giggles) and Theo was milling around. After doing a few sequences with Henry, Theo ordered me to lay on my back, stood over me, grabbed my hands and started doing “I LOVE yous” to me, moving my hands into my heart, out and back again. My heart totally melted. It was my first day back at work after maternity leave today and I really really really needed to hear that. Usually I feel like I do yoga with the boys to share with them all the love and it was amazing to feel like Theo understood that and wanted to reciprocate. ❤️ So, thank you!” VT