Mentoring and private wellness sessions that we can do together to inspire, BREATHE INTO our lives.

Blending yoga, eastern philosophy, happiness research, goal setting & movement we will create a plan that works for you and your life. And give you some INSPIRATION in your life!

We will  breathe and motivate together in a way that flows with who you are.

We can do this together, 1×1 OR I can come to your group and we can create a wellness workshop together.

INTERESTED in learning more? email me & we’ll chat to see if it’s a good fit.

In the past I have..

* presented at conferences, NIH, wellness seminars, women & business conferences, moms groups, leadership forums & panels and lead weekend retreats, taught at American University & George Mason University and National Kids Yoga Conference.

“Working with Pleasance has been an incredible gift. She will truly see you, honor you, and meet you where you are on your journey.  She will connect you to exactly what you need through  a vast array of resources. She will inspire you through her presence and care. She will support you every step of the way by making herself available. There is nothing more I could have asked for in a mentor, a coach, a friend.” HZ

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