sit. play. learn. heal. be free.

Dear Teachers,

Thank you. Your gifts, your strengths, your knowledge fills me up. You keep me strong. You give me joy and nourishment.  I made a space in my home dedicated to you. When I practice or work- I can feel something bigger. I can hear you with me, encouraging me to practice. To stay with it. to trust. to sit. to know. to not know. to just be me. to learn & heal and to keep believing…. I updated the Thanksgiving post ( below) b/c just creating a blog about my teachers made me want to see them everyday! I started collecting pictures and frames and put them up right next to my computer, right now- I see them. Smiling, loving, teaching, giving, serving, here they are with me.

They say, ” YOU are your OWN teacher!” Isn’t that amazing?

listen more. talk less. & practice.

question things that don’t MAKE sense to you.

do less, live with ease, with love


In gratitude.

Today is Thanksgiving Day.  I woke up early, in the dark, to be quiet for a bit. To reflect on this outstanding & privileged life I am living. To bring to mind all those who are in pain or suffering this day, this year, this moment. All those without.  But today, my gratitude practice, and my day is going to be specifically directed towards the 6 teachers in my life who inspire, challenge, support & guide me daily.  Recently it occurred to me that I actually have had the most amazing fortune to SEE and STUDY with all of them over the past 5 months.  These teachers are the reason I keep going- they give me hope & grounding… I have learned so much from all of them.  My studying with them has allow expand my work AS a teacher, gifts me the  of being a student ( which is one of my favorite roles in life ). I believe in the teacher -student relationship as  a way to grow- a way to get clarity over our purpose & our passions. I am so lucky to know these beautiful beings.

Karen Maezen Miller


Erin Maile O’Keefe


The Mohans


Max Strom


Erich Schiffmann