reading this..

there have been so many wonderful, inspiring things to read lately!

I have been tagging, printing and saving them in my vision/ life/ WHOLE binder for 2015..


Love this about rituals for JOY and how to start the day.

I’m still re- reading and thinking about this as well. This relates more to folks who have an interest in yoga, small biz, and spirituality.

And this, about character.  Going to see the author speak in DC soon.

I listened to this.. it was relevant and awesome…. worth listening to.

Life in our Lives

Reading from my tradition. Sometimes I see it so clearly. Here it is, simple, really. I am the one who makes it difficult to be here, to be in my life. To not wander away. Here is the truth- and the clarity gives me comfort. 

  Become the least grain of sand and you’ve become inseparable from the whole beach. Big, mighty, or great doesn’t begin to measure what you already are. All you have to do is see it, and then, keep doing the small things. The universe depends on it.”  Karen Maezen Miller