Student Yoga Poem

oh my heart is exploding with love!

Last night, I had the honor to speak at American University at a session for the TRANSFORMATIONS course sponsored by the LEAP Program which is supported, created and inspired by the fabulous author, Iris Krasnow.  Iris is an engaging, thoughtful, loving supporter of WOMEN and our stories, our voices, our growth and our lives. I adore her spunk, character and authenticity.

I presented an “Intro to Yoga & Meditation”  and think we had a really wonderful conversation exploring these topics and HOW THESE TRADITIONS RELATE TO OUR MODERN, BUSY, WONDERFUL lives.

One of the students, Lynne Foltz,  wrote this poem about our time together.

I could not be more honored that she embraced and integrated the principles into a creative piece to express her self and what she learned.


Lessons from Pleasance on LEAP Day

Explore yoga

   in my own way

Choose an image

   to energize the spirit

Find a leader

   and share community


   and love myself

Touch my chest

   take a deep breath

Fill the diaphragm

   with fresh air

Exhale slowly

   stress will fly away


   and love myself

Shake one hand

   then one shoulder

A little

   then a lot

Anchor barefeet

   to the ground


and love myself

Hands down

   to center or

Palms up

   to surrender

Focus in,

   not out


   and love myself

Tame the

   monkey mind

Consider wisdom

   of Buddha

Send blessings

   to all beings


   and love myself


   the life force

Find enlightenment

   and renewal in nature

Let go

   of attachment

I am precious

   in this brief moment of time.

by Lynne Foltz


after I sit.

The seeker asks why?IMG_6814_2

and the heart says to trust

and the tears fall for no reason or every reason

I lean into the suffering of us all

while the beauty of today seems

like a magical dream

living with my soul- letting the heart guide me feels so scary

not a habit or a hurry

just a deeper understanding of all

that was buried and still


each year

each day

each moment

each practice

let her go. be free I ask

stop trying so hard

you dont have to be amazing, she says

relief. gratitude. tears again.

relax, the gripping begins to loosen. realizing new layers of self and identity that are old news, really.

be free sweet soul- go


do not be careless with now.

Mother’s Day Thoughts from our community

Here is a collection of thoughts on ways our community wants to move forward into this week, month, life- with intention, purpose and SELF LOVE.  Hope some of these ideas inspire YOU to create your own list of ways to show yourself love, and thoughts on what you NEED to be and feel love. IMG_6316

When we feel loved… goals and ideas on living.

Observe more.

1x a week make time for myself to do something I enjoy.

Take time each day to play with my son.

When I feel loved, I notice the fresh air,

Get more sleep at least 7 hours at night and nap when possible.

To give myself more appreciation time and space to celebrate what’ I’ve done, just me.

When I start to criticize or doubt myself notice, stop and try to tell myself the opposite.

Exercise regularly. Yoga, walk, run

I feel like I can do anything.

Say I love you and thank you more often.

Take joy in the small things

I feel calm.

When I feel loved, I move.

Don’t feel bad about needing help.

Start a home yoga practice.

Remind myself that the Universe loves and cares for me. TRUST.

Make a decision and let it go. Right or wrong move on.

Drink More Water – at least 8 glass a day.

When I feel loved, I know life is not so hard.

I feel authentic.

When I feel loved, I pause before I say yes.

Post “TRUST LIFE” affirmations.

Start each day by breathing deeply for 5 minutes ( instead of reaching for my phone to check emails and plan my day)

I feel grateful.

Start going to yoga classes on a regular basis.

Not feel guilty for taking time for myself.

Tell myself I’m worth it.

* Join us for our MOMS UP  Program coming this summer to lil omm yoga.


for more years than I can count
I was angry & sad
disappointed, resentful.

forgiveness comes with time,
comes with practice.

compassion practice unarmored me.

but all I had to do was nothing.
get out of the way.
step aside – stop the show.

slow the train,
shift the perspective.

release the madness.
make a choice to let it go.

forgiveness is the sweet bliss
from practice.

it just was, ease-ful.

unanswerable questions, fears and unknowns.

forgiveness is the gift of our lives.
it matures us and nourishes us enough that we can
be more, be there for others. for ourselves. there is no separation, really.
I can see the subtle strength
when the ego releases the need to hold. so. tight.

just sit in the stillness of the love in your soul.
trust that you will find the way.

* This poem is dedicated to my mom on this Mother’s Day.
It’s been a long time coming, and now I’m ready to let go of the past.
Last weekend, we visited for the first time in over 5 years.
I realized how much we are alike…
The silliness, the love of nature, animals and kiddos,
the deep yearning for connection and the huge heart that she gifted me.

And for this, Mom, I say Thank You.
Being with you and my children was beautiful. To see you loving them in ways that you loved me.
While I have not always seen it- nor appreciated it- nor recognized it as valuable.. you did love me, the best you could. And I see you. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who have complicated relationships with their mamas. I wish you peace and FORGIVENESS.