Mindfulness for Kids TOOLS

A few years ago, I did the Mindful Schools Training in Washington, DC.

I love what this organization does and want to help share great resources with folks around the country looking to integrate more of these practices into their daily lives.

Here are some movies to share with your PTA, Schools and to educate yourselves!  Thanks to Mindful Schools for making these live and free for all to enjoy. Keep up the great work!

Healthy Habits of Mind 

Room to Breathe 



Here, I do no harm.

My meditation teacher says she practices so that she does not hurt other people. When she sits, she does no harm.

Just a few days ago, I got to visit Hazy Moon. The home base for our lineage and practice.

We pulled up & the house was inviting, warm and spacious.

The door opened & Karen Maezen Miller came out, huge smile, warm hug.

I looked around at all the beautiful plants, secret buddhas hiding behind them and the HAZY MOON sign.





 We went up the stairs into the living room and I was pleasantly surprised with the sunlight, cozy couches &  peaceful energy.

Zen practice is not cozy. It’s not warm and fuzzy. It can be rather quiet, rather empty.  Sometimes, cold & lonely.

The instructions are simple and there is no sugar coating. We JUST SIT. Mostly looking at a wall.

But Hazy Moon was so comfortable, warm. And so were the people I met.

Eventually we went to the Zendo, we gathered, we sat.

Nothing fancy.

But here, we did no harm.

And later we listened to a powerful dharma talk about the state of our world, the state of our mind, & taking action to heal with world.

But, it starts with a sit.

“wobble, wobble, relax”

my darling teacher tells me this as an instruction to meditate.


Yikes, feels so big. what will happen if I do that? will I unravel or cry or fall down? become lazy, unreliable, disengaged? 


My dad told me this as a child when I would get too crazy, hyper, loud or upset. It REALLY pissed me off. 

will I loose control of the life to which I have no control? Will I wake up to this mystery & believe that all I love will ever be here again tomorrow, in the same way? 

Will I get wild, loose my way, chart my course? Write my next chapter?

the instruction, RELAX, has become listen. pay attention. wake up, lady.

You cant busy yourself out of loss or imperfections. 

Playing with my softer side- exploring the landscape of open fields or prairies instead of committees and endless thinking projects. 

A life, telling the to-do lady to hush and the to-be lady its okay.


this time.. not much to say.

Year 1.

I felt like this.

Year 2.

I felt like this.

Year 3.

All I can say is.. joy& love & bliss and that I felt the magic of sangha & practice & love…

The ritual of returning to Grailvlle, the beauty of seeing a dharma brother take vows.
The nourishment of silence, of the earth, of my heart.
I felt stable and supported, loved and connected. My family, in some ways. I see you.
The kindest group with harmony that flows all around us.
Sit. Walk. Repeat.

My wish for everyone in this world, is that you catch a glimpse of this too.




Life in our Lives

Reading from my tradition. Sometimes I see it so clearly. Here it is, simple, really. I am the one who makes it difficult to be here, to be in my life. To not wander away. Here is the truth- and the clarity gives me comfort. 

  Become the least grain of sand and you’ve become inseparable from the whole beach. Big, mighty, or great doesn’t begin to measure what you already are. All you have to do is see it, and then, keep doing the small things. The universe depends on it.”  Karen Maezen Miller