Hannukah Yoga Game

Here is a quick and fun dreidel game you can play with kiddos ages 2-8!

Take turns spinning the dreidel and see what comes up.. See below for poses.


When someone rolls a Gimmel- do Gorilla Pose ( standing forward fold, arms droop and sway).

 When someone rolls a Hay- do modified Headstand (knees down, head down).
  When someone rolls a  SHIN- do a Shoulderstand ( back down, legs up).  When someone rolls a Nun, do “night” pose ( savasana, REST).

Mindfulness for Kids TOOLS

A few years ago, I did the Mindful Schools Training in Washington, DC.

I love what this organization does and want to help share great resources with folks around the country looking to integrate more of these practices into their daily lives.

Here are some movies to share with your PTA, Schools and to educate yourselves!  Thanks to Mindful Schools for making these live and free for all to enjoy. Keep up the great work!

Healthy Habits of Mind 

Room to Breathe 



my day job

in the quiet afternoons, we play yoga.

thanks to my friend Sadie for stopping by to photograph her niece, the sweet & sassy Sasha.

Love how these capture the silliness, the playfulness & the innocence of these girls. IMG_7979 IMG_7980 IMG_7982 IMG_7984 IMG_7986 IMG_7986 (1) IMG_7992 IMG_7995 IMG_8003 IMG_8005