A lil omm goes a long way… literally!

MidDrift Movement Swag

MidDrift Movement Swag… Get Yours.

Last week I was invited to a very special event. The Mid-Drift Movement was coming to DC to do some filming for a documentary they are making about motherhood and postpartum bodies. When it was my turn to speak I had NO idea what I was going to say. I just got up and started telling the story of lil omm, and something magical happened…
As I began to speak our story to share the path of why and how we started and what the state of motherhood, natural birth, and holistic options were available to mamas 9 years ago I reflected back on how isolating the prenatal and postpartum period felt.  When lil omm started there were so few resources and communities for women and families, even in this big, highly educated city.  I started LO as a way to surround myself with like-minded women and families who wanted MORE OUT OF THEIR LIVES and THEIR PRACTICES, especially as it pertained to raising children. Fast forward to last fall when I decided to close the studio- and you know what? I do not feel this way anymore! Now, Washington DC has many more options for prenatal information, classes on parenting, natural birth options and while it’s not perfect, I closed our doors feeling like women and families were more supported in this city now than they were when we opened.  I’m so proud of us!
It feels so good to know that this city has made progress- from the beautiful midwifery program at George Washington University that integrates with the OB-GYN program, to the opening of the new Maternity Center at Sibley Hospital to the increase in home births of my students. I also feel so grateful that our country is in a “mindfulness and yoga” boom right now where people everywhere can find classes online and in their local libraries and communities. These practices that I hold so dear have been able to expand a bit to reach a broader audience and while nothing is the same as the heart, soul and spirit that was our LO studio, I feel SO GOOD to know that our city (and beyond) has access to more information and quality support than ever before.
This past year I have been approached to do some really interesting projects as a way to keep the lil omm community and spirit alive: coaching new yoga & wellness teachers and professionals in their business, Skype training for Itsy Bitsy/ Mom & Me Yoga so that we can spread these amazing offerings to more locations, supporting women on the phone to start their own meditation/ yoga practice, having fun teaching how essential oils can help with our physical and emotional health, and finally creating online classes (and a virtual book club!) so that lil omm can continue to reach women who really want a community, a home to feel supported and seen and loved on this spectacular journey of life.
I left the MidDrift event just feeling so grateful for what lil omm was AND what it is becoming. Memories of students and their babies scrolled through my mind, but I really honored the fact that there was a point in time when I needed lil omm studio in order to Thrive.  I needed a physical place to put my energy and time into, and to bring my children, and to teach and share yoga. And like everything, that time has passed.  My interests have shifted. I have grown and evolved and while the core of lil omm remains the same, I’m proud of us for riding the waves, going with the flow, and being super curious about our lives as they are NOW… stepping into new offerings, programs, connections in new ways while always remembering that one of the keys to long term wellness and contentment is connection (and that can happen live, online, on the phone, with our thoughts and our memories).
Are you new to lil omm?  Start Here to find ways to connect online!
Let’s Get Together!  Upcoming Local Events:

And don’t miss our very first Omm @ Home: Virtual Book Club for Inspired Women meeting on Zoom this Wednesday!  Haven’t read the book yet?  No problem.  You’ll still get something great from it!

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Magical. Mischievous. Mondays.

Milo and Lord Monti at The Jefferson Hotel (on a Monday night :)

Milo and Lord Monti at The Jefferson Hotel (on a Monday night 🙂

Okay, so I recently posted a picture of my kiddos in a cab heading home from a totally wonderful adventure on a {gasp} school night.  We went to The Jefferson Hotel to attend the Leash Party with Lord Monti and the crew.  It was a blast!  We took the metro after school and while we were on the train I said to the kids,”WHAT IF WE DID THIS EVERY MONDAY? Just get on the train to somewhere new like a museum or a park or just a new neighborhood to walk around?” They loved the idea and from there our new idea was born!

But in many ways, it’s a long time coming.

If you have physically been near me AT ALL in the past few months  you keep hearing me say the same thing… “I  don’t think I want to be in DC anymore.  It’s not where my heart is, my values are not aligned with the values here.  I can’t take all the stress put on adults (and children) to work, strive, compete, and overachieve.  I’m SAD about all the people in my world who think WORK IS LIFE AND LIFE IS WORK. I want more joy, freedom, and LIFE in every day and yes, I know we still have to pay bills, go to appointments and be grown ups here BUT I believe in my heart of hearts that there is another way.

I know many North American families are living this way, but I truly see DC as a vast land of super smart, super “successful” people who are burning each other out with the competitive “I work more than you do. I sleep less than you do. I do more than you do” kind of attitude.  I’m SLOWLY and MINDFULLY starting a “NOT ANYMORE” revolution within our community.  I’m working each day to support women to SIMPLIFY their lives; to go back to the basics of personal values and missions in order to identify what areas TRULY serve them and which drain them.

We do this in REALLY accessible ways, like adding in healthy foods, making time for journaling and meditation practices into our daily lives, etc.  And yes, it’s not always easy– sometimes there is discomfort and fear when we LET GO of the “way it has to be” or “the way it SHOULD be.”

Okay, in all honesty there is actually LOTS of discomfort and fear but we know that going in.  We are strong and brave and we don’t let that stop us from truly living our own lives, NOT the ones our parents wanted for us, not the ones we are so afraid to let go of, and -I think this is HUGE- we hit pause in forcing our kiddos into the same patterns.  We wake up and realize that the world DOES not look, feel, act one way and we start to stand in our own truth, strength and meaning for our own lives.   By doing so we allow our children to be their own unique, beautiful, magical beings and we say goodbye to what school they MUST go to, what sport they MUST play, or the delusion that we know what their path will be. Yep, hard, I know.

Back to the cab story…

So meanwhile the past few months I keep saying, “I think I want to leave DC.  It’s not working for me.” And since I am doing LOADS of work on mindset and limiting beliefs these days last night it was like “AGH! DUH! Change it up!”

Here is what I asked myself… “why do you keep saying that?  What is it that you don’t like?  Is that TRUE? Is that REALLY true?  How would you feel if you did not have that thought anymore? And how can you turn it around?” These questions are all all based on thework.com– thank you Byron Katie!

And thus, our Magical Mischievous Mondays were born out of a need for THIS mama to push back a bit on HOW life HAS to be.  I know that many folks in my area have a set weekly routine (and yes I do believe in structure) and the kids are very busy with after school activities, but I also know that we are SO LUCKY to live in this great town, in a great area with a metro RIGHT next to school!  And I realize that if I am feeling trapped, it’s my own fault.  It’s my own self-limiting belief.

Since I run my family calendar and make most of the plans, it’s up to ME to show them how great DC is. It’s up to me to lead our family and to take advantage for what is right around town.  There are only so many years left with these kiddos and I want to feel every one of them.  And yes, some weeks might be hard and yep- I’m sure Milo will have a tantrum somewhere and it will suck BUT I also know that the inspiration and motivation that I FEEL to try something new is FOR SURE going to rub off on them..

This morning Milo said, “Mama, when we go on our next adventure can we go check out a skate park or a bowling alley?”

“SURE!” I said.  “We can make a list of places and ideas!”

Want to start your own magical adventure?  Here are my tips.

  1. For our family, we HAVE to do it early in the week. My kids are WIPED out by Thursday/ Friday so Monday is perfect for US.
  2. Be consistent! Show up for your family, yourself and go consistently. Obviously, if someone is sick, then skip a week!  Otherwise, no excuses.
  3. Pack a bag with everything you might need for your trip: bandaids, extra $, protein snack, water, and maybe a journal and colored pencils to document your travels!
  4. Make sure your stuff is DONE before you go.  This means don’t have something else on your mind or be all tied up mentally with something.  Take that time OFF from stress and work and life and just BE present with your kiddos. HAVE an adventurous spirit! And yes, this means you need to be hydrated, well rested and nourished in order to do this. ( See our thrive class if you need support!)

P.S.  When I was a kiddo my dad and grandfather took me hiking.  I HATED it.  I complained the WHOLE time. I cried. I fussed. I did NOT want to go, ever!  But they did not really care. They continued to put me in the car and encouraged me to get in the woods. They did not change their minds or say we did not have to go just because I did not want to go.  They were not afraid of my tantrums or my demands.  Now, as an adult WHENEVER I feel lost or flustered or distracted or not grounded, where do I go? INTO THE WOODS.  I go and I feel them.  I sometimes think my grandfather is right there with me and I sense him.  I see the slow steady pace of my dad and I feel comforted and supported by all those childhood walks.  Why is this important?  We have no idea how our choices and actions as parents are going to effect our kiddos.  We have no idea what we will give them as tools for their future BUT I do know that my dad and grandfather were not taking those walks to teach me anything or to improve my skills in any way- they just honestly loved walking in the woods.  They did it for their own health, their own well being.  So in many ways, just knowing that I needed a bit of a break from the norm is what will make the memories for them.  I am not really doing this for them although I’m SUPER excited to share it with them. I’m doing it for me!


And You Will

my dear, you will figure it out.

you always do.

you are strong and brave and soft and loving.

there is no better combination.

my dear, you will figure it out.

Because this whole life thing is all about the solving, the problems, the goods and the bads.

My dear, you have all you need.

When will you know and trust that as time passes, you age, things grow, things fall, things age, things flourish, things die.

That you too- will watch time pass and contemplate it all and wonder WHY was time wasted worrying.

My dear, with my heart know that your gifts are seen and heard and while some days are hard and you are bruised by words or actions – you are not broken.

My dear, you are ALIVE and with strength and grace and courage that ONLY you have.

Please keep this close. 

And use as necessary. 

{tonight I wanted to write for myself, my daughter & my friends who suffer with ALL the wonder-worry-fear-and uncertainty that life brings… we are SO in this together} 

Why Retreat

retreatWhy Retreat?

Okay, let’s be real for a minute.
Our lives never seem to slow down. The minute we think we will “have some time” to ourselves, a kid gets sick, the sitter does not show up, our boss calls us back into work, the dishwasher breaks. It never ends! It’s just too much. Our daily, busy modern lives do not really ease up and it’s truly up to us to put a big stop sign up and say, “ENOUGH!  I need a break.”
A few years ago when Milo was a year and a half, I had hit that wall. I was running on fumes and was just not able to find any peace or space in my daily life.  I was craving quiet, rest, solitude, and nourishment… and it’s funny because I did not realize that going in.  My nervous system was on OVERDRIVE all the time, and I don’t think I even had a minute to realize what I wanted.  It was a freezing cold night, both kids were crying, and I was sitting on the floor of my house when I saw the description for the retreat come into my inbox and I thought, “THAT’S IT. It’s time.”
You see, before that I had never spent time or money on my self like this.  Sure I had taken “trainings” (and anything having to do with learning always counts as a good investment), but I really struggled with allowing myself– giving permission to myself to actually schedule some serious down time. A weekend that focused solely on meditation and silence, on being and not doing.
And after a few days away from my family, on my own to write in my journal, read my book, be in silence, walk in nature, eat meals on my own slowly and with care, I started to breath deeper, fuller and I could feel my shoulders soften. I started to see my life in a new way, I started to relax a bit into my true nature.  And my life never really looked the same again.
I was able to recognize and prioritize when I needed some alone time. I was able to make it through some very hard times by just knowing that my next retreat was planned and that I was truly giving myself permission to take time away from daily life. I noticed that when I returned my voice was stronger, my heart fuller, my head clearer. I was prepared to make decisions for our family and for my biz, and I was  able to engage with my daily life from a more loving and grounded place.
Yep, just that weekend away had given my body and my mind the much deserved REST it truly needed, and from then on Retreat has been one of the ways I have been able to do hard things, process emotions, and find my way home to ME. What a gift to give my kids and to my husband, when I come home and love them up so much!  My gratitude is overflowing for the gifts that our life is and that can be SO HARD TO SEE when I’m rushing around, DOING, DOING, DOING and living in fight or flight mode.
So.. that was where my love affair with retreats started. I signed up for one, and then another. I planned and mapped out that I really needed and wanted to go once a year, then once a season. Eventually, I  started leading them at the studio and then in new places. One of the things I love to do most in the world is hold space for women to just be: to create, to rest, to walk or stretch with no expectations for outcomes.  Just everyone having their own experience.
So this Fall and Winter I invite you to join me. Each retreat a bit different: a different purpose, a different time of year.
  • MOMS UP!  October 28-30.  GREAT for mamas who want to spend an intimate weekend with other mamas! DELISH food, conversations, mama workshops and movement practices all weekend. We share a big country house and enjoy the beauty of Fall and each other.
  • Pause.  November 13.  Our most popular half-day retreat is back!  Spend your Friday committing yourself to purposeful rest, movement, and connection right in Tenleytown.  No weekend long commitment or stress around arranging childcare-  just a short, sweet opportunity to recharge before the Holidays.
  • Delight.  December 9-11. Designed for women wanting to spend some time in quiet, in contemplation, surrounded by the beautiful VA countryside with plenty of trails to walk, plus time for yoga and meditation. The PERFECT way to approach the Holidays, to set intentions for the new year, and to explore your inner world.  In this retreat, we will dive into some of the principles covered in my book, Delight: 8 Principles for Living with Joy & Ease all while settling into the rhythms of winter. Our accommodations allow for you to share a room & visit with a friend OR to have a private room where you can choose to spend most of your time just resting and relaxing.  I have a few optional workshops also planned for this weekend, including JourneyDance and Mala Bracelet making, and book your own massage.


Retreat FAQs

What if I don’t know anyone? You’re already one of us—you seek connection, rest, and nourishment and so do we! It won’t take long to break the ice and feel open and comfortable with the group.

What if I have a food/allergy concern? E-mail us and we’ll find a solution.

What if I’ve never done yoga or meditation? You’re in for a treat! We’ll enjoy all levels practices for all ages, stages, and sizes.

Is it possible to arrive early or stay late? Maybe! Please contact the venue directly.

What if I have to cancel? Your registration is non-refundable, however you are able to transfer registration to someone else (ie. sell you spot).  Keep in mind, this is a gift and investment in yourself.

Mid Summer Update

Hi lil ommies,

Well, it’s been quite a summer.

We left DC the day the kiddos got out of school and made our way up to CT to spend a bit of time with my family before we headed over to Nantucket to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary with some of our wedding party. When we come back in August we will have been gone 7.5 weeks!


We felt so lucky to have folks come back to the Island and celebrate with us. Nantucket is a very special to me because my grandparents had a house there when I was little and I spent many childhood days alone walking the trails, going to the beach, and riding bikes mostly by myself.  I love sharing the beauty of the island with people I love, and this year was extra awesome because Saylor organized and led our renewal ceremony on the beach.  It was definitely a night we won’t forget!

IMG_4362 (1).jpg

In early July we relocated to Hartford, CT where my grandmother lives.  This is the same house that has been in our family for 96 years!  Talk about memories!  The kids have been in various camps, having so many interesting New England adventures. We went to Maine last weekend and now we are preparing for a quick weekend visit to Vermont to see our dear friend (and former LO teacher, Kate)!   It’s truly been a wonderful, interesting summer.

One thing I LOVE about social media is seeing all my friends and family on their travels, with the growing kids and the big smiles and the ice creamy faces. BUT I also know that some of that can cause us to feel a bit “less than” or F.O.M.O (fear of missing out) or negative sad feelings around social media. Listen, get real with yourself and if you DON’T feel good when you are scrolling – GET OFF THE PHONE or COMPUTER- and do something that DOES  make you feel good!  Put the technology down and take 5 deep breaths. Go for a walk, pet your dog or cat, HUG a real HUMAN! Reach out on the phone to someone you love.  I have been calling people this summer to catch up on the phone, just like old times!  It’s been a wonderful way to connect to the people in my life.

I also have had some really nice work time when my kids are at camp. While I am not working TOO much right now (mostly taking long  walks and reading),  I have enjoyed studying and learning more about doTerra essential oils and using them this summer as much as possible, selling them to students, and introducing the benefits of aromatherapy to people. I’ve even had time to map our my fall schedule and offerings!

I REALLY miss seeing everyone in person, but I’m excited about the Fall!  I’ll be teaching a monthly Family Yoga class at Washington Yoga Center (registration will be available through washingtonyogacenter.com), two Yoga for Women sessions at IMCW, various Retreats, workshops, my 8- week THRIVE online course, private coaching, and NEW holistic healing offerings such as reiki and AromaTouch massage! Our website is regularly updated, so you can learn more there and sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already!

I have also been reading books that people have suggested to me, mostly subjects around healthy finances, parenting, and writing as well as FINALLY getting into some fiction, which to me is EXACTLY what summer is all about. What are YOU reading this summer? Anything awesome?

Listen, as much as I have found love and joy in these gorgeous summer days, the weight of the world is also creating unrest, there is a deep unsettled, low level anxiety that lies right under the surface. As a yogi, as a compassionate human being, as a woman, as a mama, as me, I deeply care about our future as a country and as a people. And where it gets a bit sticky and challenging is that in spiritual practice when things get complicated we try to simplify. We don’t put out the anger and darkness and fear with anger or violence. We have to keep loving, we have to keep peaceful, we have to listen and hold one another. We have to communicate, donate our time or money to the causes that are near and dear to our heart. I know I have been reaching out to others as a way to help support connection, offering my time and resources to an idea one of our students has that will greatly support families, as well as thinking about the way I personally can impact change in our area!  More on that coming soon!

Below are a few things (links to articles, videos, etc) I have read and listened to over the past few weeks to help me– I hope they help you. I know it’s not changing the world or ending racism or bigotry or going to put an end to gun violence.  Ya know what? It’s not going to guarantee anything because in this world NOTHING is promised to us. NOTHING is permanent. Waking up to the truth of the pain of the world, while serving our families and our communities and  living in love as a choice, every day is powerful. Pay attention to your own suffering and anger  and do what you can to heal yourself. It starts with us!  Then we model for our children, our neighbors, and we stand together in our awareness, even when it’s painful.



Why I’m a Racist article

Thoughts from dear Katrina. 

“My hope, for all of us, is that we will not shy away from the hard conversations. May we continue to have them with our loved ones and our friends, on our Facebook pages and in public spaces and, especially, with people who see the world through different eyes. May we choose in each of these encounters and communications to heal rather than humiliate, to honor rather than to hurt. May we listen well and respect each other. May we resist the urge to dehumanize others. May we practice the art of empathy, which is to say, may we put ourselves in the shoes of another and willingly walk their mile. May we be living examples of kindness. May we act in accordance with our deepest human values: love, compassion, integrity, fairness, and hope for a better future. May we read more deeply and think more expansively. May we continue to educate and stretch ourselves. May we not retreat from complexity, but embrace it. May we be practical rather than partisan, thoughtful rather than reactive, generous of heart toward all rather than protective of a few. May we seek and find common ground here, in our America.”– Katrina Kennison

I often listen to music and just sit. I journal. I breathe when life feels too big, too heavy, too dark.

I went back to this recently and watched this. 

I don’t have any answers. I don’t know the way or the path of healing the world. As my personal mission- I just share with others perspectives, stories, insights that may be helpful to some. Meanwhile, doing everything I can in my tiny tiny world to be strong and brave and show up every day for myself and my family and our community. I take my life very seriously. I take each day with love and gratitude because I know this time is precious. I know living in love is the right choice for me and that means gathering people, creating, sharing and being a student.

I love you and thank you for being part of my life.

Here is sweet Milo, who turned 5 this summer, sleeping on me. Every night I put him back in his bed, and every night he creeps back in with me.  And a picture of the flowers at our local park which I just love. I document all of this daily here.


I LOVE connecting with people, so email me pleasance@lilomm.com or join our lil omm life facebook group to keep the conversation going and to share with me things that help you during tough times, to connect over ways our community might be able to help, or just introduce yourself.



Join me here!

PAUSE. -Winter is dead.”

Find Balance Feel Joy Blog Tour


My friend Alex asked me to participate in this blog tour and my answer was ” HELL YES!” I love having Alex in my life as we share so many interests and are raising are kids in the same neighborhood, co- teaching together and just generally support one another in the work we do to support families through the good and the bad.

And this topic means SO MUCH TO ME.

As someone who formerly struggled with overwhelm and the “crazy-busy” syndrome I am passionate about spreading the self care, mama love message to all who are ready to make the changes. It all starts with us.

Without guilt, without fear, without despair.

We can build lives that matter for ourselves, for our own joy and on our own terms.

You have permission.

The Find Balance Feel Joy Blog Tour was born to provide an honest look at what goes into “having it all” or “getting it right” as a modern mother today.

My journey begins and ends with yoga.  Yoga has led me to interesting cool places in my heart and on the map. Yoga teachers and teachings have given me strength, courage and confidence to FULLY EMBRACE my own me, my own way, my own heart.

Slow, quiet practice filled with breath and movement linked to soul- now THAT can change your life.

This journey of study, contemplation, reflection and movement is a powerful combination. It led me HOME to my true self, to my own way of being that encouraged  me to switch careers, take risks and LOVE my children in ways I did not even know possible.

But, all b/c I began to put myself at the top of the list. Listening to my own heart and soul.

Carving out time for creativity, rest and quiet. saying NO to the schedules and parties and needs and desires of others, in order to put my family TRULY first.

You can do your own thing, find your own way… but it takes a bit of practice.

Self awareness, self knowledge is the path to freedom. A path to joy and living WHOLE in a world that so often wants to break you down.  You see, there is a deeper place within- that lives- that wants to be heard. But we have to slow down enough to hear her.

Welcome to sacred ordinary life. A life in which dishes and laundry still have to be done alongside a deep respect for our home, our families and our lives. It looks like  candles in the kitchen, relaxing music playing while cooking dinner or bringing other rituals and routines into our lives and SHARING them with our children. It looks like having enough space and peace in our own heart to deal with the chaos around.

It looks like getting the help we need at home and at work, in order to truly discover who we are , and where our own joy lies.  This is where

Approaching ALL the moments with a sense of wonder and curiosity – even to the little things. This approach ( to our yoga practice and to our life) can profoundly shift the mindset… the choices we make, the space we hold. And helps us to see the thought patterns that are not serving us.. the ones we need to let go of.

Intentionally place yoga mats, meditation pillows and other reminders in your home so that you can practice together as a family OR so that you have a place to go to when you need it! ( I sometimes go to my mat RIGHT before they get home from school to give myself some nourishment right before the dinner/ bedtime rush) and then I find myself so much more patient and loving and interested when they walk in the door.

Read inspiring books or listen to podcasts about yoga, meditation, mindfulness and creating joy.

I always try to find women who are doing what I want to do and asking- WHAT DO YOU READ? What are your routines? What can I learn from you?  I KNOW there are mentors and supporters out there- so I seek them out- and ask lots of questions so I can learn how to do this whole mama/ life/ work/ balance thing. This also helps me discern for my own life what works and what doesn’t.. and clarify my own values and mission ( which I am constantly refining)

Glance at your life ( ZOOM OUT) and see what parts are causing stress. Is there anything you can DO about it?  if not, what other things need to be released in order to make time for YOU while you continue to have uncontrollable stress? let’s have a healthy relationship with our stress- not trying to FIGHT it or get rid of it- but more realizing it’s apart of our modern life.

Challenge Homework! Spend a day with yourself. Plan it now. Put on the calendar. Carve out the time to take yourself out on a date. Reflect and get quiet. meditate and stretch. journal and create or just be. no tv, no phone, no netflix.

Dear mama, it’s all so real this life thing….so intense, so emotional, so transitional and the only thing we can truly, truly control is our own breath right at this moment. Our own glance, gaze, word, thought or action.

With a grateful heart,


About Alex

Alex launched In Essence Coaching, LLC in 2011 after training with the International Coaching Academy to become a Certified Professional Coach. She is an active member of the International Coaching Federation, committed to upholding a high level of coaching standard.

Prior to this, Alexandra dedicated 18 years of her professional career to social change as an international development researcher and practitioner. She got her BA in Environmental Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and her MPhil in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex in the U.K. She’s lived and worked in Africa, Europe, South and North America, and speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

In Essence Coaching, LLC is Alexandra’s private coaching practice dedicated to helping mothers suffering from stress, to find balance, joy and self-empowerment.  She hosts a free Clear Mind | Present Mama Challengefor busy mothers suffering from overwhelm, offers on-line Calm Mom Coaching Circles to mothers everywhere, and works one-on-one with a small group of women through her Mama inJOY Mentorship Program.

Alexandra loves her coaching projects second only to her three mischievous and vivacious children and her loving (ever patient) husband who now (after three international moves!!) live, love and laugh together in Washington D.C.


Don’t miss the Mom’s Up Retreat this fall co-hosted by Alex and myself in Meadowkirk, Virginia (just 1 hour away from DC). Learn more about the retreat, accommodation packages, and more.


Delight Live

We had such a gorgeous night tonight.  LO friends and teachers- oh I love these women!

I have to admit I was a bit nervous… back on my feet and talking about the book. I’m still a little uncomfortable talking about myself so much… Promoting the book, talking about how I wrote it, reading my own words out loud.. You see, I LOVE to share the beautiful words and thoughts of others. I do this well, all the time. But now, that I have to articulate my own view, opinion and clarify what I stand for and what the journey has been like.. I am actually finding it rather hard.. I woke up this morning to notes and emails and texts from people I love who were not able to be with us last night, but who were with my in spirit, in heart, in soul. And I think about the ripple effects that loving people ACTUALLY has on our life. That reaching out, showing up, saying yes and offering a hug or  a smile, HOW MUCH THAT REALLY MEANS.. and then how we pay it forward. I KNOW people left our event last night hugging their loved ones a bit tighter, waking up today refreshed with a sense of purpose and meaning that NATURALLY happens when we circle. When we take the time to get together live, move and breathe and go deep together- it HELPS US GET BACK ON TRACK or STAY THE COURSE.

oh my loves, I feel scared and excited about this all. I feel like I am opening my heart daily to the community and to supporting others and I’m also dong it without a roadmap, a guide or a final destination. Do you know that I like A PLAN? I mean, I REALLY do.

But this time, I will just keep saying yes.. in a way that feels GOOD. I wrote in my journal this morning, I will trust. I have no idea what lies ahead. Today, I will do good things and laugh and play and be quiet and to all the things on my life list. I will feel all the ways I want to feel and I will participate in activities that bring me and our family joy. And I will plan the week and move my body so that I don’t get STUCK in my head. The moment I drop into my breathe and feel my aliveness, I usually STOP thinking so much. With all the changes and unknowns, it’s a time when that imposter syndrome/ negative self talk likes to come by for a visit.. “WHO ARE YOU TO DO THIS WORK? WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT IS WORTH SHARING? THIS WONT LAST! ” She says.. I know she is trying to protect me from getting hurt, she is trying to keep me safe and at status quo.. and I tell her SHHHH..

I pull out the journal, I light the candle. I feel my body. I re-calibrate the day, the feeling, the thought, the moment. And I see the small steps. The little things. AHHHH.. there I am. enjoying this. playing with it all. creating the kind of life I want. Okay, Okay. I got it.

I’m not really in control here at all. Yes, I see. In the meantime, having Saylor with me last night was amazing. I love that this is her childhood- hearing us talk about life, being with beautiful women…. DANCING! MOVING! BREATHING! YES!

I do this for me, I do this for her. I have never been a parent of an 8 year old girl before. I don’t know how this goes BUT I do know how to love and breathe and open my heart and do work in the world that is meaningful and interesting and I do know that I can show her love by taking care of myself. That I can model for her my humaness, my values and my integrity by being a person who lives and breathes from her heart, from her soul, from a place of yes- even when it’s SCARY or uncomfortable…

We made these special journals for our DELIGHT LIVE friends. I would love for you to have one, too.  email me pleasance@lilomm.com to learn how.

PLAYLIST from our Party

Breathe Again -Sara Bareilles

Shri Guru Charanam- Krishna Das

Hallelujah- Lindsey Sterling

Around The World- Daft Punk

Roslyn- Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Intro- The XX


Finding My Way- Journey

So, it’s super scary to send a ton of emails with your draft ebook attached.

And then to wait.

It’s Saturday afternoon, the kids are out. My house is quiet.

In the long cold days of winter, I wrote this ebook about my adventures in transformation. About my super unhealthy habits and ways and how I’m always questioning them and asking myself the meaning and purpose of life. And how I’m always finding my way back home and I’m blown away by all the healing that has happened.

I know it’s a bit intense. I know I’m not for everyone. I know I’m more woo-woo than ever, BUT I still drink beer, eat pizza, and love to be naughty once in a while.

I’m finding my way. As I  navigate a new world- stepping out behind the classroom, the school, the studio to see what I STAND FOR. What do I believe?  Is this message important? Does it just contribute to the NOISE in the world?  I often feel like I am saying the SAME as so many others, that my voice is not original.. not ME enough. I’m exploring the ways in which I get lazy with thoughts- just replicating that psycho-spiritual babble that can so easily annoy people…  Can you be into spirituality AND into intellect AND into just living a normal, simple, great life?

Big HUGE questions. Do I …. pursue a life on my own terms. coaching, writing, teaching to make a living TRUSTING that I  can help people. that my experiences will translate to clients, INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE them to live great lives- because if  I can make the changes and redirect the trajectory of my life, ANYONE can. Really.

Why have people come to me, my whole life with questions?  Why do people lean on me for advice and hugs and strength when they need it? Creative thinking, taking action, making changes comes SO EASILY to me. It’s just who I am. I have ALWAYS been a leader, even when I was leading people to underage drink, sneak out or smoke cigarettes at basketball camp. I mean, honestly- I could have easily gone in a whole other direction and used my influence in very destructive ways.

The thread of my whole adult LIFE has been healing, helping and supporting others. I have been on a mission to live a good life EVEN when the cards were not stacked up that way. It’s like once I decided I was NOT going to destroy my life, I started doing EVERYTHING possible to have an incredible experience here on earth. Building things, saying yes, moving forward, moving backward, crying, loving, trying, asking, finding great people to surround myself with, facing truth, being alone, reading everything, reaching out, taking action, feeling scared, leaving things when it was time.. Whoa. I’m only 37 and I feel like I have had 4 lifetimes already.

I love it.

I’m finding my voice, finding my way.  This new world on my own, just writing and thinking more about what I want for our world. Do I have what it takes to move this forward? There are a number of things I need to “get over” to make it happen. to hold fear’s hand and say “WE GOT THIS”

Here’s what I know.

We NEED people on our side. We need creative support & ideas to inspire our healthy habits and practices. We need coaches and yoga teachers WHO HAVE BEEN THROUGH TRANSFORMATIONS. We need real people writing and speaking and laughing with us.

People who show feelings, acknowledge the joys and sorrows and who study. Who learn. Who know they don’t know it all! I want to always be in learning mode.. and I want to always share what I am learning. AS it grows and deepens and expands.

I don’t like to spend time thinking about the past, or how far I have come not b/c it’s  too painful but just because I spent SO MUCH OF MY life in victim mode- and now that I am FREE of that- I see so much JOY in today! in this moment! and I want to savor it.

Writing the e book  took me back. Reminded me of what was. I hope that those of you who read this will help me move forward. help me by sharing with others who might feel lost- letting them know, hey- I know someone who might be able to help you.

I am focusing my energy on HELPING people get to the REAL HEART of what’s going on with them- the real PRACTICES and routines that can heal them.. and this takes time.

Building trust and relationships, showing up for one another, taking RESPONSIBILITY for your life. Whoa. that to me is HUGE! when I did that- everything changed. EVERYTHING.

I’m breathing deeply here.. putting myself out in the world. Standing tall and strong and brave in SERVICE to my community, to the BEINGS who need help people who think   ”  I don’t know where to start. I want more from my life! I want more energy and passion and love. I want to feel good in my body and in my mind. there has to be more! ”

I don’t have a cute tagline, or a one size fits all way to do things. I don’t have a perfect book or a perfect program. I’m just opening up to you all- that I’m going to try to do it my way. Which is transparent and authentic to real to what my experience is.

My yoga teacher always says, “I’m sharing with you what I know now. And it might change. In fact, it probably WILL change.” But isn’t that amazing! We can teach what we know RIGHT NOW and what’s truth for us- Allowing it also TO CHANGE. And letting that be okay too.

You guys are just seeing the “behind the scenes”  of creation. Of Biz Building. Of what messy, creative, multi passionate entrepreneur life is all about.

When I started writing this, it was cloudy and overcast- and now the birds have come out and the sky is blue. In just a few minutes time, everything changed. And I am different too- When I started writing I was in my “AGH! must write and get it all out mode” and now, as I close- I’m breathing deeply. I am feeling all of you, with me. I feel supported and loved. I am CHOOSING to feel love. I am CHOOSING to feel brave and I’m going to press publish and you will be inside my head. You will be with me.

That’s what I love about writing and reading so much- the connections that come alive. You start in one place, and end in another, isn’t that magic?

Thanks for being here through this ramble.

Finding my voice today, finding my way. #allthefeels


The Life Changing Art of.. staying in bed for 3 days.

On Monday, I broke a bone in my foot. And they said, 3 days, at least- in BED.

It already feels a ton better.

I anticipate that I can “get back to moving” soon.

In the meantime, I have had quite a week. Spent some time watching shows, I read a book, I answered emails, I had a few great phone calls and I caught up with my best friend.

This stopping did unleash a bit of “what am I doing with my life?” Because I have noticed that when I stop doing so much, I start questioning more.

I have been in the space of doing for so long, that now that I am savoring my energy for only projects I WANT to work on, and being more thoughtful about who I can serve and how, everything has changed. And old habits pop right back up.

Hello old friend. Hello negative self talk. I gently reminded her that I was healing and there was no time for her to come and play today.  She was not welcome. I was going to just lay low. And I DO Know what I am doing with my life, I’m DOING it.

But watching it all, while I had to surrender to my bed was fascinating. I really could not move around, help with the kids or take care of anything. I had to stop. And in some ways, it was nice and in some ways it was hard. But being present through it all and not running away with my emotions was important to me, in order to keep my mental health!

I invited a private client to the house today, and we had a great health coaching session and once I was able to do a little work, with another human being, I started to feel like myself again. Because the truth is, I feel ALIVE when I help others, when I am in conversations. When I learn and when I give.


And so the Magical Art of Laying in Bed is this…

All experiences are opportunities to learn more about yourself.

Laying in bed gives you a chance to connect with people you love and be loved.

The more I practice asking for help and receiving it ( a drive to an appointment, people bringing dinner or popping by to say hi)  the more I model for my children how to accept and ask for help. This is definitely something I want them to know and learn as they grow.

Today, I sat up in bed and took some deep breaths. I rolled around in my bed and did some gentle stretching and I know that just being and feeling is the kind of life I want to live.

Here is what I read and listened to over the past few days- ENJOY.

Talk on importance of connections and relationships to health, Taking Time In.

I read the book, The Miracle Morning. which I LOVE and will write a post about.

Remembering the work of Dr. Neff, which I love. 

I have a whole new list of podcasts I have been listening to..any good ones that you love?