28 day Mama Love (day 3)


sweet Avery & Saylor


Day 3

Today, I honor my friend Katie LoMonaco. People used to ask us how we met, how we became such good friends.. and we would laugh, not sure if we should tell the truth.  The truth is that when we met,  she was a bartender  at our local Friday night hang out.  we went so much and she worked so much that we became very good friends.  Katie has the most warm welcome smile and presence. Everyone was her friend and she always took good care of friends and customers.

Over time, we became very close.

I asked her to be in my wedding and shortly after she asked me to be with her while she was in labor.

Katie has been a solid anchor with no friend drama for a long time. She now has 3 kids and and lives an hour away, and even though we don’t talk regularly.  She is always a part of my life with any major transition, issue, problem or celebrations.  And I know she feels the same about me.

When she calls, I pick up.  True friends are the best.  I love you,  Katie!


28 day Mama LOVE ( day 2)

Photo from Recovered Photos

Mary Anm, Sandy & Milo at LO Tenley Opening

lil omm has a “godmother.”

Someone who takes care of us, remembers our birthdays, bakes for us, shows up for all the classes and tells everyone about the studio.

Mary Ann Reed is an incredible woman.

She takes care of her family with such love, with such intention and devotion.

Mary Ann has an incredible spirit and anyone who is her friend knows how amazing she is, we are the lucky ones.

She is so committed to her life, to her family,  her yoga practice and to her health.

When she learns something new to DIVES into , she takes it full on, she embraces is spreads the word to others that she cares about.

I remember her first class at LO, and her 100th class ( We brought balloons & flowers!).

She has babysat my kids when I needed an extra set of hands, cleaned up the studio lawn and volunteered with her family at every event.

I am so blessed to have her as part of the LO family and she is the mama that I love today.


28 day Mama Love ( day 1)

IMG_0252In honor of mothers day & my birthday month, I am going to write about 28 Mamas that have changed my life.

On May 28, I turn 36. I want to celebrate these years by honoring a number of MAMAS  who are true gifts to the world. Women who have deeply influenced and inspired me along the way. I want to say thank you.


So here is day 1…


For the first day of MAMA LOVE,

I want to highlight 2 women who have been ” like moms” to me since 1996.


In 1996, I went to GW as a very moody freshman. And there I feel in love with 2 girls who would become my sisters.

(I have written about Chrys and Mere before, and you can read that here. )

BUT little did I know, that I would ALSO adopt 2 moms. That Ruth & Jeanne would bring me into their home and treat me like a daughter from the moment we met.

Ruth, Chrys’ mom is one of the biggest hearted, sweetest and positive people I have ever known. She has incredible loyalty and fierce devotion o her family.  We have spent many hours together talking and I love that she has taken me into her life and always made me feel part of her family.

Jeanne, Meredith’s mom is something else. She is incredibly sarcastic, intelligent & been one of my biggest supporters the past 18 years. Every time I have an idea or have done anything- there she is – saying “go for it”  or ” I believe in you.” She is truly a character who tells it like it is and someone I am so grateful to have on my team.  We are always laughing… ( or crying)

At a time in my life when I was lost, these two women helped me find my way.

Thank you Jeanne & Ruth for  being so loving and mothering me, I know we have been through a lot of life together and I’m glad I had you with me along the way. I deeply appreciate you.



summer breeze

our neighbors on both sides moved. its hard to look at the empty house next door that was full for so long.

I hold my breath in the morning to make sure baby Milo is breathing well and I am acutely aware that his 2nd bday is right around the corner. At which point I must stop referring to him as “baby”!

I am about to move to the beach for a month with the kids & not teach yoga& parent full time. I have mixed feelings that I am still untangling.

Our tv is mostly broken at home which has been a gift. so much silence. I have been reading & pausing & breathing and noticing.

now I have less time to rush. I go to my yoga mat, I lay there hold & breathe. I practice being kind to my body. I feel the subtle shifts.

I am half way done with a 14 day whole food cleanse. I love how it feels to put good things in my body all the time as a commitment to my health. a way to reset. I am sad at how hard I think it can be not to drink. I didn’t realize how big a role it plays in my life.

I feel like I am in a new place, a new territory. less distracted. less engaged with everyone all the time. more pause on facebook, on blog, on phone. more time in person. taking care of my body, my heart, my soul. approaching ” the afternoon” of my life perhaps?

tonight there is a supermoon, I just opened the door to the deck to feel the breeze and it went through me. it sent energy into my being. I could feel it deep in my soul. the humid breeze took my breath away, stopped me in my steps and filled me with love.

* want a thoughtful summer read?
I just finished “Madly Chasing Peace” and “Devoted” by Dani Shapiro.

a wish


happy birthday to me.
today I will take it easy on myself & attempt to be especially mindful of this gift of life I have been given.

turning 35, turning inside with deep gratitude and reflection for what has passed and interest for what is to come.



Some people come in your life and forever change you.

sometimes a girl gets so lucky to meet her soul sisters and live in the same city and grow up together.

my girls grew me up. over and over.

up and down, back and forth.

always a deep love.

there were times I wanted to quit but I couldn’t. it’s too strong and runs too deep in my soul. the closest family I have. we will always go dancing.

so I have held them in my heart and always will.

my chrys & mer.

Magical Journey

Magical Journey

This is a love tribute to my children & to one of my favorite authors, Katrina Kenison. She has 3 beautiful books on life that I can’t get enough of & she was so kind and sweet to come and visit lil ommm this year.

This last passage from her book Magical Journey inspired me to create something for my kids to see.. to inspire them and to remind myself of these glorious days of life.

Magical Journey