6 Healthy Habits to Help Ease Your Way into Fall

Fall is coming– are you doing what you can to ease one of the most challenging seasonal transitions for your body?
In addition to the cooler temperatures in the forecast this week, you may notice you’re feeling more tired than usual as the days shorten and our internal clocks shift.  Perhaps your allergies are starting to flare up causing all sorts of disruptions.  So many of us get sick when the seasons change, and this is partially because we haven’t adequately planned ahead to sync our lifestyle to meet the new season.  This includes changing our movement practices, the foods we eat, and even our daily habits and rituals.
To help with your transition, I share with you…
6 Ways to Help Ease Your Way Into Fall:
1. Rest when you are tired. If you push through, over schedule, or over caffeinate you will really mess with your immune system. To function optimally, your immune system needs lots of rest and digest time.  Refer back to my Plan to Thrive DIY Retreat where I teach you how to create your model calendar.
2. Hydrate. Keep drinking your water!  In fact, make it warm and add a little lemon or lime (fresh or essential oil) to keep digestion moving.
3. Oils! Revolutionize your approach to health and wellness with therapeutic-grade essential oils.  DoTerra oils and supplements are a big part of my family’s wellness plan.
To learn more about ordering oils to address wellness goals for you and your family- email me or you can also buy here. 
Remember you can diffuse oils, apply them to the soles of feet  largest pores in the body), behind ears, on wrists or heart center.  You can also ingest 1 drop in water (this is where I highly encourage you to use a trusted brand like DoTerra).
Some ideas for Oils:
– take your ON GUARD beadlets drop daily AND you can also break one open in your hand to use as sanitizer on the go.
– Use eucalyptusin your diffuser or bath.
– Apply 1 drop of oreganoon the soles of your feet or in your waterif you feel a cold coming on (this oil is considered a hotoil so it will burn your lips if you use too much!  You can dilute hot oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil)
– Drop some Melaleuca  (tee tree oil) in your bath water or rub on your feet for daily immune support.
– Diffuse lavender, lemon, and peppermint in the kitchen and bedrooms for allergies.  You can also put 1 drop of each in your water.
– Use Balance, Serenity or Vetiver for Rest by diffusing or putting on soles of feet or even directly on your pillow.
Want to learn more about oils?  The focus of my next Yoga & Aromatherapy workshop at Washington Yoga Center is Surrender and Receive, which I find to be so seasonally appropriate!  I also host a monthly Healthy Happy Hour where we explore oils and connect over our love for healthy living in my kitchen!
4. Practice. Vata (season is coming)!  It’s windy, which can be super unsettling especially for people who feel anxious or “live in their heads”. During this season it’s particularly important to start and end each day with grounded practices to help support your connection to nature and the changing of the season.
Here’s a breathing practice I love!  Make it extra special by adding some oils I mention above!
Binded Breathing Practice
Binded Breathing Practice
5. Warm foods for comfort, support, nutrition and digestion.  For breakfast, try some oatmeal with any combination of flax, cinnamon, chia, almond milk, maple syrup.  And for lunch or dinner, soups and stews make a great choice.  Again, your immune system will need your help to have a smooth transition to fall, so take care in what you eat, especially during seasonal transitions.
6. Disclaimer: okay, this might be a little “woo-woo” for some of you but for others- I think you will LOVE this morning affirmation practice.  Wake up in the morning (if possible before anyone else)and lay in your bed or on the floor.  Bring one hand to the heart and one hand to the belly. Breathe.
After a few rounds ask yourself, “What do I need today? What is my body calling for? What is my heart seeking?” and always remind yourself, “You are loved. You are supported. You have all you need.”
You might even add the affirmation, “I trust my body, my mind, and my heart to guide me today. I am whole.  I will move into the day with spacious generosity of spirit and love.”
Try it! Let me know what you think/feel.
Additionally, if you want a copy of the Welcome Fall worksheet I use (it’s super short & simple) just e-mail me and I’ll send it over to you.
Stay tuned for next week’s Wake Up Wednesday edition where I share mind-body practices based on energetic strength, balance, trust, creativity, and self-love.
P.S. Want to truly nourish your body, mind, and spirit?  Surrender to Fall at our Mom’s Up Retreat in the beautiful Virginia countryside.  Registration ends 10/10. The retreat was just featured on MindfulHealthyLife!


AGH! I am so excited that this is happening.

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I started dreaming of this as I was writing my book, Delight. And now I can feel the time has come to be able to go deeper with our community, help support women to find true nourishment for their lives, in sustainable ways.

I am so grateful for this work, for this opportunity to serve and share. Come join me.


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PS love this testimonial from my mom who has been working with my for the past 2 months!

“I asked Pleasance to please help me to start eating healthy, and to stop eating sugar, in any form or product. And she did. And life is different today. I feel good not guilty. Energetic and excited about what goes in my body. I see food as fuel for the exercise I have always enjoyed. Walking and yoga. It was life changing. ?

 And here’s the difference; In my mind, before I started this plan of eating, I didn’t have a “no” button in my brain. I justified all the sugar I was eating as, “well life is short, and I should enjoy everything I can”. And I did. And the more I ate sugar, the more I craved sugar. And then I would eat it and feel shameful for eating it. A really difficult cycle.

 So now, my “no” button has returned. When I see sugary treats at work, or at the store, my first reaction is “no”. Automatic. And that gives me the few seconds it takes to remember what my body needs and wants, not what my brain is saying. That few very brief seconds is all I need to remember what Pleasance has shared with me, about motivation, inspiration, and daily tips on what, when, and how to eat. The weight around my stomach is starting to get smaller, which is the biggest problem with sugar addiction. And also the major cause of heart attacks. i am not a victim of the scale, I simply go by the way my body feels, and how clothes (don’t) fit anymore. Also my coworkers have started to notice. That is excellent. ” Cathy Muir

everything in my kitchen granola

400 degrees

15 minutes

no measuring cups

no rules

Here is what I mixed with my hands in the bowl..

coconut oil, chia, flax, maple syrup, salt, almonds, prunes, walnuts, cinnamon, coconut flakes

*cant wait try again with whatever I can find in the pantry. ITS amazing!


power protein pancakes

 well… not really pancakes. These were a little smushy bc my skills are lacking and could not find right spatula.. BUT these are DELICIOUS!  More like a breakfast mash up! 

1/2 cup applesauce
1 egg
2 tablespoons almond butter

coconut oil

toppings- toasted coconut & blueberries

* usually I use 1 banana too but I forgot today… and they still were insane! 


more treats!

this is my self care snack.

when I am feeling down or wanting something to nourish me, I make this…

any plain yogurt. I like greek or whole milk farm yogurt.. I try to get as local as possible.. mix with blueberries ( any fruit) and some maple syrup or local raw honey….. YUM!


milos milkshakes

one of our favorite go to snacks…

frozen bananas

( put in food processor or we use a blendtech blender)

tiny bit of vanilla extract

big splash of almond/ coconut milk

(or your favorite milk) 

*want to make it chocolate? add cocoa powder

*other variations.. almond extract/ coffee/ or fresh strawberries


yumyum snack

you wont regret this.

everyday totally addictive kale chips
(i swear!)

mix together
“some” ( even parts, amount will vary depending on how much kale you have)
lemon juice
nutritional yeast
olive oil

in a big bowl until smooth.

massage in big pieces of kale.
( all types work well)

bake/ roast at 400ish for 15minutes or so … depending on your oven.

every time they come out a lil better than the last!

yumyum for all!

*dont cover with plastic wrap to save or for travel- it totally wilts these chips and they loose the CRUNCH!




time out

today i am moving slowly.
there are lists I am not doing.
it is 4 something& I am finally getting around to lunch.
this is a treat.
do this for your soul- it will thank you.
happy summer.