Getting Started with Your Practice: Resources and Support

This has been on my mind so much lately…

It’s not the to-do list with checked boxes, the app with the timers and bells and whistles, or the endless meal planning that will change your life.Think about it… what does it mean to “be on top of it all?”  ALL the time spent worried about what “others will think” WHO are those specific others?  Can you see them? Are they people that you care about, that mean a lot to you?  If not, why are “they” taking up so much of your mind space? your energy? your life?

My dear friends, freedom occurs when you cultivate a real, authentic, meaningful, dynamic relationship to YOUR  life. The relationship in which you trust and love and treat with compassion, the realities of your responsibilities. Freedom occurs when you CHOOSE joy over endless to-do’s and you wake up to the value of a spacious, expansive, creative day. Freedom occurs when we trust ourselves and listen to our hearts, not JUST the mind.

“PLEASANCE!!!”  you say, “how on Earth can I do that? I have a job, and kids, and bills, and endless tasks on my lists.

And then I will come close, hold your hand and whisper… practice. It all starts with practice.

So in honor of this response, here are tips to get you started. 

Here are 3 of my Favorite Yoga & Wisdom Books.  You can click on the book cover to learn more and to purchase.

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Check out all of my recommended reads.  Find titles related to Family/Parenting support, business/self-development, meditation, kids books, plus DVDs, products, and more of what I love.


Just added! Give yourself 8 minutes in the morning, on your lunch break, or before bed to try this at home yoga practice.

Here’s a 5-minute meditation video I created to support content from Chapter 8: Awake of my book, Delight: 8 Principles for Living with Joy and Ease.  Want to receive all the supporting video content? Sign up.

Tara Brach offers a wonderful “How to Meditate Guide” which addresses setting up your practice, troubleshooting common issues, and sustaining a practice.  You can also check out her New to Meditation page.

“You are traveling a path that has led to clarity, peace and deep realization for many people over thousands of years. May their awakening support and inspire you. And may the sincerity of your practice heal and free your spirit.”
— Tara Brach

When you establish your sitting practice, you’ll want to be comfortable.  Find a comfy mat, bolster, or blanket.  Or set the mood or intention with some essential oils and aromatherapy!  Maybe you need a grounding oil like Vetiver or Sandalwood.  If you need extra relaxation try Lavender, Roman Chamomile, or Clary Sage.  Need some cleansing?  Grab your sage.  Need some loving? Neroli or Rose will do the trick.  There is SO much to learn about essential oils related to practice.  Let’s chat about it.  Book a free 30 minute intro call with me.

If you need any additional support regarding your practice and want to work together, here’s an application to get started.

Additionally, join me at Insight Meditation Community of Washington in Tenleytown for my half-day Pause Retreat on Friday, November 18th.  This is a simple, sweet yoga and meditation retreat for all levels where you will explore practices to take home.

Delight- Mind Body Practice

Here’s an excerpt from my book, Delight: Eight Principles For Living with Joy And Ease which is FREE ON AMAZON this weekend- grab a copy!

Stay tuned- I’ll post practices every few days to inspire and encourage your practice- I KNOW this time of year can feel a little.. STRESS-FULL after our long, glorious- too fast summer.

Mind-Body Practice

I’ll share a chant with you as a place to start a practice and invite Aha into your life. This chant is a beautiful reminder and a prayer for our practice of delight and our world. I have it written down and posted in my office and near my bed. I read, chant, and meditate on these words regularly. Doing so often helps to gently guide me into a place of inner strength and purpose. You can also set a reminder on your phone to alert you to regularly say this chant as you are starting to learn and remember the words.

This is the chant: Lokah Samasta Sukinoh Bhavantu

It translates from the Sanskrit as “Let the entire world be happy,” and is associated with this prayer: “May all beings everywhere be happy and free. And may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and that freedom.”


I also have recorded videos of the practices you can get here.






in all the books

everytime I am working on something- I grab a composition book. old school and cheap. sometimes I decorate the front with creative visuals (depends on what I have around.. last year I painted the cover- that worked well!) and sometimes I simply put the date and idea. this past week I was intensely working in my new book. a place to hold all the ideas- the map- the plan- the dreams- and I stopped – put the pen down and had a wave of sadness and appreciation. 11 years ago the book was full of dreams and ideas for a school we wanted to build. it outlined the daily schedule, teacher recruitment plans, handbook tips, charter applications points that had to be addressed. eventually, the school opened. 

8 years ago the book was full of class ideas and times (prenatal, baby, toddler, family!)  and teacher schedules, biz permit requirements, endless tiny to dos and dreams for book clubs and author visits and family yoga training. eventually, the studio opened.

now the book has pages of questions that I want to answer for my students and commonalities for the people in my live thriving. schedules for how to include my doterra biz and my retreat schedule.  financials for biz options- coaching, teaching yoga, privates and groups… all with a pause. and a whole section dedicated to the book ideas and biz ideas for the next 10 years.

I love this bc I get to ask what feels right, NOW? AND what kind of life DO I WANT in the future. what is good enough for today and what is the larger impact I feel called to make in the world. 

my vision book is the way I have slowly and consistently worked through the big dreams and the daily tasks. 

this summer- when the energy is flowing and you are feeling so good in your body… what can you map out? what can you start to dream about? what areas of your life need a little more intention?

hint hint- some cool ideas

book of travel dreams

book of thoughts and poems and quotes

book of service project or plan

book of memories

shared book with a kiddo – where you BOTH get to include words and creations.

enJOY and let me know what you come up with. 

my new glitter tape does not like the heat!

summer reading. 

this year,  my summer reading will be an adventure in going back through books I love and books I want to go deeper into…

some of these are for classes I am creating and some just for my passion in wellness, wealth & wisdom. enJOY!


let me know if you have read any of these… or need a specific reccomendation based on something you need/want/ are thinking about in your life.. I’m happy to give you a few suggestions based on your specific situation..  or write to me and let me know  what is on your list this summer.♥️

with friends.

thank you pema & maezen.

liz, brene & sara…..

you gave me hope & clarity & encouraged me to be brave, tell truth and carry on. 

oh and that my life does not need to be BIGGER in order to have value, I dont have anything to prove to anyone and that letting go can feel so, so good.

I am enough! Whole! As is!

My identity and worth in this world does not revolve around a 1300 sq. foot basement that costs thousands of dollars AND hours a month to maintain. A new lease that doubles our rent & responsibility with another short term lease! NO WAY! 

The truth here, really ( thanks Erich) is that IT IS TOO MUCH. The increases, the meetings, the demands, the sales, the sacrifices.

I am all for hard work. I have always worked many, many jobs and been really good at “keeping busy.” But sometimes we need to work smarter, not harder and step back and LISTEN…

Ahhhh… freedom of the heart. soul filling- relaxing-beautiful TRUTH. 

If you are in transition or needing some clarity in your life- here are the friends I called on…. early morning, late at night, under the covers in the middle of the day… they held me up and said KEEP GOING. YOU GOT THIS. 

thanks friends. 



to read. to listen. to savor. to enJOY.

This week- a lot of great things have passed through my eyes and ears. It’s rainy and cold out in DC. Hope this all warms you….(links below)

“We often say that we don’t have time for the things we truly love and value, when the truth is that we’re likely misspending time on things that we don’t. It helps to start tracking where our time is actually going, and reclaiming chunks for we’d really like to be doing.”





Trust, my darling.

A beautiful, thoughtful interview, about Composing Our Lives…..Being women, mothers, wives and having it all.

3 of my favorite people have new books ( audio or print)

Pema Chodron- Fail, Fail Again

Brene Brown- Rising Strong

Elizabeth Gilbert- Big Magic.

If all you do is read these 3, your world will expand. You will learn something about yourself and your relationship to the world. These will enhance your life, no doubt. FOR SURE. RIGHT NOW.

the heart of my bness

2015 marks 5 years of our beautiful, intentional studio being open.

5.years. whoa.

it’s so incredible to me that we have grown year over year, month over month.

that me- ME, someone who KNEW NOTHING about bness or money or budgets or studio life opened a studio that is


well, sort of.

I work really hard at learning.

I say yes to opportunities that scare the crap out of me, especially if they are in relation to something I don’t know anything about. Then, I’m not so afraid. 5 years ago, I had an unhealthy relationship with anything financial.

Today, I can say from my heart, that I deeply appreciate and value my relationship with money. And I love numbers!

I LOVED, LOVED Kate Northrop’s book, Money, A Love Story and want to give it to every female I know. it’s so right on- it was life changing for me. I also hired an advisor to help me create budgets and tracking sheets and understand how my bness worked. (Mindful Profits & Amanda Weathersby have been incredible)

I’m spending time over the next few months, looking back on the past 5 years. Just reflecting, remembering and holding in my heart what an amazing ride this has been. all the joy & the struggle. it’s not always easy.. that’s for sure. and I can’t believe how much I have learned.

So this morning, I took out all the books that have been my friends along the way- the books that have grown me up in the bness world. the books that touched my heart AND taught me something I needed to know, gave me a gift of some sort. I see these books like my mentors, my guides, my support. my own B- school.

If you are not someone who reads a lot or are not into buying lots of books- I get it.

Honestly, it would be great to just read the authors blogs, subscribe to the newsletters they put out or follow them on Facebook. For many of these authors, it’s enough to get just a tiny bit of the genius they put out in the world.

And now I share them with you.


top reads 2014

oldies and goodies in the mix-
books to deepen my practice and life!

enjoy- and for fiction… I finally read Goldfinch & The Signature of All Things. loved!


“And as much as I’d like to believe there’s a truth beyond illusion, I’ve come to believe that there’s no truth beyond illusion. Because, between ‘reality’ on the one hand, and the point where the mind strikes reality, there’s a middle zone, a rainbow edge where beauty comes into being, where two very different surfaces mingle and blur to provide what life does not: and this is the space where all art exists, and all magic.”
Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch