The creative process is like a wave of inspiration and fear flowing through my entire being. Thoughts dancing, heart racing, unknown, unknown, unknown.

I rise early to connect with divine source- “GUIDE ME!” I beg of her.. and she does, always.

The part we don’t talk about is the risk and the fear and the loneliness as you plunge forward into a new evolution of fun and play and knowledge and experiments. All of life, for all of us is an experiment? That soothes my soul.

I am not the only one without a game plan for the rest of the days.

We ALL have shared wandering.

“OH, this is what I do. I feel alive, in flow, pulsating when I bring forth.”

Do we all?

Who else feels the urge?

Who else burns with an intensity of creation that wakes them, shakes them and moves them?

Full human experience lived in this body, this day, this mind.


Relationships, desires, conversations, connections, interactions.