Good Old Days

“These are the good old days” I heard someone say over the summer.

Whatever this moment, this age, this part of your life, no matter where you are.

This is it.

You’ll look back and romanticize this moment in time, b/c well, that’s what we do.

So in this moment, where she wants me to rub her back, snuggle with her, and he wants me to pour his milk, put down the toilet seat and comb his hair. This is it.

Please let me never forget that one day, this will all change.

When we live in these ordinary moments of tasks and to do’s, we forget how sacred and precious this really is.

The dishes.

The laundry.

The way the bathroom is dirty every single night, no matter how many times I wipe the faucet down.

Yesterday, I was alone in my car driving on a busy, congested road in the city.

It was raining. It was just after 5pm. I was running errands while kids were at playdates.

I was listening to a podcast about writers and books. And the traffic was not moving.

And I looked up and out the window. I could see the rest of the evening ahead.

Make dinner, read, calm Milo ( who will be tired from the playdate), take the dog out in the rain, nothing special.

But everything about this IS special.

This IS the life I created and formed, that I chose and  I continue to choose.

This made me laugh b/c sometimes I dream of a different life.

One where we travel around the world and camp and have new adventures every day, one where we explore foods and cultures and we are exhausted at the end of our days b/c our lives are so interesting and full of moving, learning and being.

Do you ever dream of a life away from your own?

But then, I remembered, THESE are the good old days.

Not the road less traveled or the dreams not yet realized.

Just this.

A rainy Monday night, a good book waiting to be read, a meatloaf  ready to go in the oven,  a faucet that needs to be cleaned.

These are the good old days.





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