LOA Magical Flows & Creations

(LOA is law of attraction) ✨✨✨

I started the week, with this intention.

” I am ready to receive, I allow things to flow through me and I have space, strength and clarity. I live daily in appreciation for what is AND I am excited about what’s to come.”

I do this in 2 parts. 1. Write in my journal in the am- Thoughts of expansion, creation and intention!

Then I move into 2, moving it through my body. So when I go out for a walk, I think thoughts of gratitude and expansion and lightness. I swing my arms and breathe deeply. Maybe for 5 minutes. I just repeat, I allow and I receive. I will look for evidence of my creations and thoughts daily.

This week I set a few intentions for my biz, speaking more- connecting to like minded successful women in biz, getting some new photos for my biz. But I only set these intentions AFTER I was totally aligned and inspired in my body- So that means coming into these actions with GOOD JUJU!

By the end of the week- I had hired ( and bartered for some new photos, applied to speak at a new conference in 2019- that was announced in my email 10 minutes after I said to a friend ” I am looking for more places to speak!”

Got the most generous offers on an upcoming retreat I am leading- just making mote space in my body for all kinds of abundance and generosity-and THEN invited to 2 retreats as a leader and they invited Saylor to come along, and my whole body screamed, YES!

Okay and for the grand finale-

1. I had a powerful transformational conversation with my husband, one that was a long time coming!

2. I attracted a new beautiful, amazing private client who I can not wait to serve.

3. One of my favorite clients sent me an update on her week after our last session- where I encouraged her to use a bunch of these high vibe tools and mindset practices to attract what SHE wants and omg!!!

She did it! It took her 1 week to manifest the goal she had set for herself, I am so thrilled for her! Magical! RESULTS. ❤️✨

So in service and in love- I hope this inspires you to relax the mind, open your heart, take care of your energy and maybe try step 1 or 2 this week- Let me know how it goes!

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