There she is.

There’s this woman who I see pretty much every day. She’s a mama in my hood. She’s beautiful. Not in a glamorous- make up- highlighted hair -crazy busy- kind of way but a totally natural, calm, confident and simple way. I watch her. I see her at pick up and drop off. I see her at CVS and Starbucks. I see her on the street, in fact I started seeing her outside of the neighborhood also. We don’t say hi.

We don’t know each other, we only met a few times when our kids were babies.

But, I watch her. I think that what I find so fascinating is that I “know her.”

I know she has 2 kids.

I know she works at least part time b/c occasionally I see her in heels and a skirt and going into the metro. I know her life is full,  taking her children to activities, making food, living a life.

And yet, she is calm and collected and present.

Is it so rare to find a woman like this that she stands out to me as a diamond in the rough?

I don’t think I have ever seen her on her phone and she’s not dying her hair.

She just is as she is.

I NEVER get the impression that she is trying to be anyone other than the woman she is. I saw her the other day, seated at the local Burger spot, sipping a beer reading a book. something I do when I’m alone, maybe I’m attracted to her b/c of our similarities, maybe bc/ in our close knit community, it’s kind of odd that we are not actually friends and that we don’t chit chat.  Sometimes I feel like keeping the distance is a practice.

My norm is to attach myself to anyone I feel connected to and then love up on them.

I adore close relationships.

It’s like a game for me to keep my distance, to not connect to not get to know her better.

My practice is just to let her be.

Earlier this year, I went to a leadership training with horses.

In no time at all, I connected physically and emotionally to our horse.  The trainer who noticed this right away encouraged me to relax and accept, to stop stroking the horse, to lean back a bit and let the horse come to me. The trainer said ” I bet you have no trouble connecting with people, holding others, drawing them in. Your practice is going to be to accept. To receive. To stand back a bit. Don’t try so hard, connection is so easy for you to initiate. Relax. ”



Milton Leon Silicki 1

I have been with my husband for 21 years.

When I was 19, I met his Grandparents. They were adorable. Smiling and giggling and talking about all the things. They gave me Manishevitz and a Jewish cook book.

They were the warmest, kindest people.

Mel’s grandmother died when I was pregnant with Milo so I have had 6+more years to hang with “Grandpop” and see his smile and get to love him more and more.

Honestly, I don’t know a lot of people like Milt. He was so into figuring things out, sticking with something and hard work. I respect this, more than ever.

But more than the hard work and resilient spirit, the bond between Milt and Mel ( my husband’s dad) was amazing. They took care of each other. They were best friends. They taught each other, learned from one another and truly enjoyed each other’s company. So simple, yet extraordinary.

I loved Grandpop for all that he was in the past, all that he gave my Mel and for all the laughs and smiles he shared with us.

My baby is named after this sweet soul, and I feel honored.

Rest in peace, my dear.

Winter Pause Retreat

These are the quotes and supports from our retreat. Enjoy!

One song we listened to during Yin Practice was…

Ong Namo by Snatum Kaur

Winter readings from The Way of The Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover.

Our Yoga Nidre recording was from Rod Stryker, The 4 Desires