Time for a detox….

Nope, not food.  There will not be any green juice recipes here.

It’s time to step WAY back and detox, declutter your technology, your life to make space, to find calm and peace and to handle whatever stress is currently brewing. Many of you have reached out and said that you are not okay, that you’re having trouble sleeping, that you’re REALLY suffering from the pain of the world, you feel anxious, on edge, and overwhelmed by ALL The things.

In order to create clean systems and simplicity to have MORE SPACE for joy, we have to energetically CLEAR IT ALL OUT!

We have to wipe the slate clean. Time to PURGE. In order to evolve and flow with what 2017 is going to bring us, we have to do some massive energy clearing to make space for WHATEVER is about to come into our lives. WE CANNOT KEEP ADDING IT ON.

We cannot keep over scheduling, overeating, and overindulging in media and distractions.

Well, I mean, you can- but tell me how that’s working for you?

And in our modern lives it means. . .

  1. APPS on your phone. Time to clean out all the apps you DO NOT USE.
  2. Repeat above on ALL your devices.
  3. Clean out your drawers. Yep. 1 a week. Clean a drawer. Then do your closets. Don’t wait for Spring cleaning. Don’t live in extremes (cleaning 1 room for 8 hours in one day, anyone else do that?). Make tidying and clearing PART of your regular life so that you always have space for new things, ideas, creations, WHATEVER it is that life brings. I find TREMENDOUS mental clarity from doing 1 little clearing project a week, 1 hour a day or 1 project at a time. That is how I inevitably cleaned out my STORAGE basement and turned it into the beautiful yoga studio it is now.
  4. Don’t know where to fit this in? Add your 1 hour or 1 project a week to your model calendar as a way to MAKE SURE you remember to work on it! Oh. . . and I ALWAYS add joy to my project time. . . wine or music or a new show I’m watching. How is your model calendar these days? Is it working? email me, pleasance@lilomm.com, if not, let’s talk about how we can get you on track.
  5. UNSUBSCRIBE from everything that is no longer SERVING you, as many things as possible. (You get to define this for your current season of life)
  6. If you need media limits, give them to yourself. If you are VERY sensitive about what you hear on the news, don’t watch the news before bed. Be intentional with when you consume. Consume things that may possibly upset you, with tea, oils, candles – something that is also relaxing. I subscribed to the Washington Post and I read the newspaper in my comfy chair with my coffee in the mornings. I have recently given myself a Facebook detox and I’m taking a break from scrolling on Facebook. I want to have a bit more integration of what I read and consume and this was the best way for me to do that, right now- to trade my digital subscriptions for the old fashioned papers. I feel MUCH more in touch with my own emotions and actions during the day and I don’t feel like a rubber band of highs and lows throughout my days. I have also found that I have more specific time for action when I consume mindfully and do not overindulge.
  7. Just like anything, NOT TOO TIGHT, NOT TOO LOOSE.
  8. I think of media and “STUFF” and noise not as bad but manageable in moderation. When I take a good, clear look at how I’m living, I can see where I’m overindulging and I’m WAY more in tune as to why something feels draining or depleting. A regular energy check in helps with all of this. Do you feel tight? Nervous? Fearful? Have headaches, stomach aches, jaw clenches? These are all the PHYSICAL signs that out bodies are saying- LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! It’s too much! Your body MAY be craving quiet, rest, or silence. You are NOT your thoughts or your head, alone- SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pay attention to your body’s whispers. It has so much intelligence. And like I keep saying. . . WE NEED YOU FOR THE LONG HAUL.

Still stuck?  Here are my go-to tips for handing the overindulgence of anything. (Thanks for the inspiration Michael Hyatt). From money, to body, to schedule, to movement, to cooking….

  1. Accept responsibility
  2. Confront your fears
  3. Drop the drama
  4. Keep it all in perspective
  5. Triage your calendar (most important and urgent things only!)
  6. REST
  7. Do next important task/thing
  8. Decide to change your mindset and wake up to limiting beliefs

From here, I am able to handle the reality of what is happening.

I personally think BURN OUT SUCKS. It leads me to be.. cranky, tired, irritable, unmotivated, unhealthy, negative and resentful. So, the MOMENT I notice these attitudes popping up- I check myself… hmmm.. is this burn out? Is there something I need to shift so that my natural state (generous, calm, peaceful, loving, open) has room to breathe?!?!?!  I’m NOT saying that we should EVER push away emotions that we have or that we ever want to STRIVE to be a certain way all the time. It’s more like a curious investigation into self when something arises to say. What’s the truth here, really?

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