It started so fast and with such an intensity and then between the baby noise and the life noise and the studio noise… life just got to be too much.

I held the weight of it all in my body. In my racing and running. SCARED to slow it all down.

Years later, confidence and clarity abound.

Freedom and flexibility. Expansion.

I never knew if I just took REALLY good care of the basics, that I would learn to trust myself.

The season has changed. Now my babies are other PEOPLE living in my home. With preferences and moods and demands and smells and messy rooms and unflushed toilets.

And there is no greater, deeper, purer (is that a word?) love.

Sweet spot. Kids at same school, living a charmed life,  they are..and I know this too will pass. They will move on or out. I will get older. I will loose people I love. Things will change.

The simplicity of our lives together, all in the same home. We get along. We fit together. Right now, it works really well.

I have no idea what the future holds. I dream BIG dreams for my life and wonder who they will be, where they will live and how often I will get to see them and hold them…

I don’t drift off to far in the future, the present has too much to offer.

So I get quiet, a lot. I notice that I REALLY want to grow something.. I can feel Spring coming. In some ways, I am not ready to let go of Winter. I’m not ready for the season to change, AGAIN. I want to stay cozy and home and quiet and keep them close and wonder-FULL.

The sweetness of ordinary life, being lived.


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