When I sit

And then I stopped.

And there it is.

Right under the surface- the throbbing, achy- pain of life.

With the busy of playdates, lunches, phone calls and appointments, and even with the space of a long relaxing weekend… 

 when I finally stopped, 

I felt it all.

I am alone now, comtemporary adult rock in the background. Hot tea cooling down, people around coming in from the cold. The hum of city life all around and yet- 

just a regular old afternoon for me, waiting for the kids. 

But its the extraORDINARY moment slowed down. 

I am terrified. Today, MLK Day I have been thinking of legacy and justice, peace and hope for our country and at the same time I am trembling in fear of this week. 

What is about to happen to our country, what will we say to our children? History is happening right now. Our coming together, our being torn apart. All our deepest beliefs about human kindness and heartFULLness are to be tested. Will you show up to stand up? 

Sensitive folks like me, I know you feel it too. 

As our rights and our compassion are being put to the test left and right. The day to day feels the same and yet, everything is different.

But- Trump or no Trump, it is still the life stuff. When I sit like this and feel the vibration of it all around me circling -alive-I can let go. 

Have you ever just stopped and felt it all enough to know this life is changing now. and now. and now.  With no gurantees and no expectations. but just this moment as it is. We are so “advanced”, why is this truth, so simple yet so hard for us to live by?

And it’s in this moment, when I sit- that I pray for us all in here, in this world together. I have no idea if it wil help or heal- I know it won’t hurt. That the small acts with great love can be sitting here noticing these humans walk in the door-it is not much, I shame and blame myself for not being or doing more today. And then- I remember—-

“may you be happy, healthy, safe and live with ease. ” over and over. to you. and you. and you. 

I have read the science and felt the magic. this works. 

Peace in our hearts, doing what we can to be full of our strong voices and to breathe this precious moment.

When you can speak up, speak.

When you can stand up, stand.

When you need to cry, cry.

When you are tired, rest.

When you need love, reach out.

When your heartbreaks, feel.

When your mind races, sit.

When you have a song, sing.

When you have words, write.

When you feel it, share.

And in the simple acts, great shifts happen. Profound clarity and thoughtful activism from our own strength and courage, a life well lived.. 

may it be.

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One comment on “When I sit

  1. cathymuir says:

    I find it so unbelievable. Today we celebrate MLK, and his vision for us, and his kindness and Grace. Friday we shall be torn apart at the seams, but will breathe, and go on. The distance and the difference between freedom and fear.

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