Imagine This.

There are 2 kinds of women I mostly work with….

The over scheduled, way- too busy, doing everything for everyone woman…who barely takes time for herself- is always putting others first, stands up to eat her meals, feeds herself with the leftovers from the family and thinks to herself every night “I got nothing done today. My to- do list is getting longer. I’m so tired of running in circles and chasing my tail every day. This has got to stop.. If I only had more time, money, help, sleep, yoga – things would be better.”


I’ve really made so many improvements in my life. I have slowed down the pace, I’m getting up earlier to take care of myself ( go to a class, go for a run) BUT I honestly have no idea what to do with the extra time. I know there are parts of myself that I am not tapping into- I know I used to have interests and passions that were my own, but now I really don’t know what those are. I feel pretty good mentally and physically but days go by- they seem to blend together with no real beginning, middle or end.. I think I want to lose some weight then I might feel better, or if I exercise more I might feel better. I have some decisions to make in the future and I’m not sure how to navigate them, what kind of help do I need? What’s the next step?

These  women are grateful for the life they have. They  know they  have a great life & sometimes even that makes them feel worse!! It’s like- my life is so good- why don’t I appreciate it more,  I “should” enjoy it more, I get caught up in the little things even when  when there are so many people hurting in the world.

Imagine this.

Rise early to have some alone time.

The morning routine practices ( movement, meditation, morning pages) provide a container for reflection, energy and connection.  Not to mention… you have clarity around what to do with your day! You mapped out the top 3 things you want to accomplish today and your mind is already focused on how to move through these most important things.

Once the day officially begins, you feel confident, grateful and READY for kids, work, whatever comes your way… and as you move through the day you feel able to handle and flow with all the things that come up… ( because they do!)

Lunch time is joy!  A time to refuel for the next part of your day, simple healthy food is available to you. You enjoy sitting down and knowing that this care is so very important to all your systems. You feel empowered by this mid day nourishment and wonder why it took so long for you to actually take a lunch break each day.

In the later afternoon, you finish the last of your 3 most important things and decide to take off for a quick movement break before the dinner rush. As you transition into dinner time, you pause to acknowledge yourself for what you did to today. You have trained your brain to pay attention to all that you do in the world! Rather than the old way, which was always focusing on what you don’t do and never giving yourself any credit or beating yourself up mentally over and over about all the things you suck at and how you never follow through….. It feels GOOD to let that go!

Moving into the last part of your day, you make time to connect physically and mentally to yourself and your loved ones by playing music, little candles, using essential oils to nurture your feminine side.. maybe some relaxing yoga or meditation, self massage and reading a few chapters in your book. Before you go to bed, you take a few minutes to pause and reflect on the day and start to think about what your 3 most important tasks for tomorrow might be… you relax down into bed- come into your meditation and take 3 deep breaths to close the day….

I created THRIVE (from Exhausted to Empowered ) as an online class and inspired community that is meant to teach, support, uplevel and uplift ALL the areas of your life. To help you infuse your life with intention, pause, space and practices that help YOU define and live in ways that serve YOU. You learn there is no 1 way to do this, you learn that little by little, step by step changes can be made over time, you learn to trust yourself. You learn to listen to your heart and deepen your relationship to your SOUL.

Ready to see what’s possible for you ?



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