This year, I am hosting a mother daughter solstice class… at first I just wanted to gather with women- and then I realized I wanted Saylor to come and all the women who signed up had girls…

Let’s empower our daughters’ to awaken in our cycles- to pay attention to the changes of the seasons. To connect to nature, to beyond our day to day—

I invite you to craft your own routine- just use the outline below to give you some ideas on what to include.


Embrace the darkness… the long night. Welcome winter. Know that light will come. Slowly.. it will come.  This is a time of wonder. 

1.  Plan to go to bed early tonight. Consider little to no screen time, no work time after dinner. Turn off screens and breathe into the darkness. Notice how you feel. 

2. Drink warm liquids and eatsoups and   stews to warm you. Use food to ground and deeply nourish you from the inside out. Notice how you feel. 

3. Practice yin/restorative yoga. Do supported,  seated and lying down postures or sit in meditation. 

4.  Create an evening routine with essential oils and epsom salts. And foot rubs—- cozy time!

5. Journal.  What serves you? energizes you? heals you? What do you need to let go of? What is not serving you? Set some intentions for your life.  Energetically connect to all the other humans who have done this practice over time on this night , and smile into our. sisterhood/brotherhood, our shared humanity. ♥

Let me know how it feels.
And please, share this with your children.

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