Attention (a little Delight)


“How Does Attention Help You?

Our attention practice directly feeds into creating a daily gratitude practice. There are gobs of awesome research out there about how gratitude practices change lives. Gratitude is a natural state, as is love. The yogis believe that we all are naturally loving, caring, engaged, grateful beings, and that challenges, pain, fear, and heartache from this life (or past lives) are what cause us to become hard, angry, tense, sick, and mean. Fearing the loss of things we love, forming attachments to how we want things to be, and facing our own mortality are the main reasons we suffer.

When we pay attention to this moment and slow down to see the beauty that already exists in our lives, we are able to zoom out enough to make space for the incredible gifts that our lives are. We often began to realize then that we have enough. We are enough.”



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