Feeling busy?


I’ve been hearing it a lot lately.

People feeling way too busy… too much to do.. too many people to catch up with… too much work that has to be finished..

The last few weeks of the year can really stress us out. Well, actually I think more and more our lives are moving in this direction during all seasons.

So if you are feeling like things are non -stop, you can’t/ don’t accomplish anything in a day and that you are way behind in projects and plans, or your life — then take a deep breath, because this is for you.

  1. Let’s get honest.   Please stop the bull. You are saying yes to too many things. Too many events, too many plans, too many ways to help others. I know it’s the giving season but sometimes we have to pull back, and assess what the current situation is. If you ALREADY feel stressed out- let’s take something off the plate. And be mindful not to add anything more- b/c when has adding MORE,  EVER made you feel better? If you feel spacious and free and open and generous most of your days and in your life- than yes – HELL YES! volunteer, bake the cookies, buy the socks and underwear for the homeless and get your booty involved in some charitable giving.
  2.  I’m afraid I will miss out.  Yes, another thing I see all the time. We over commit and do so many things b/c of our FOMO ( fear of missing out) but let me remind you that if you are involved in something b/c you are afraid of missing out RATHER than involved b/c it brings you great joy & pleasure- than we need to step back and re- evaluate. You see, this is YOUR life. Not the neighbor, the cousin, or the co- worker. You get to do you- and that means if you would rather be in bed reading and sipping tea instead of glamming it up to dance around town, then please, please take the time to say No ( with grace and gratitude) and power down your phone ( don’t stay in bed scrolling through all the pictures of the event you did not attend .. until you have practiced this for some time and you know it won’t trigger you) and identify/acknowledge who you are and what brings you joy… the more you do this- the better it feels, the easier it gets.  This is not an easy  quick fix  BUT for sure, if you are finding yourself super tired, drained and feeling blah about your life, often times it’s a serious disconnect of  values and daily life..once you get into alignment- then you get to practice JOMO ( joy of missing out!)
  3. Okay, so if I don’t know what brings ME joy?   yeah, this is really common for peeps who have worked too much, given so much of themselves to motherhood or relationships, caregivers, or women who have just never asked themselves this question.. I definitely struggled with this one when I left classroom teaching in DCPS b/c I had truly dedicated so much of my life to the schools I worked in, and the students I taught. When it was time to find Pleasance.. it took me some time to dig around a bit and identify my joy list. Now my joy list is crazy long—If you need help, email me, I’ll send you some questions and ideas on how to spark and identify that joy — I LOVE helping people find joy (pleasance@lilomm.com)
  4. Get Clarity.   So, one of the reasons we run around all over the place being everything to everyone is b/c we don’t have a clear vision of what we want to do, be, create, accomplish or produce. Yes, I mean outcomes. WEIRD- that a yoga teacher would talk about outcomes,( the goal of yoga is there is no goal)  but here’s the thing- we can map out our life vision and mission including our days and align them with how we WANT to feel and want to live and then when challenges and bumps appear, we relax into them, adjust our sails and allow.  Our clarity of mission and purpose helps us feel grounded in how we spend our days. Without clarity- we float along ( talking about the “drift” again) and we end up being so careless with our time and our language around time. Example, ” I got nothing done today!” Which is just BULL!- Every day is a series of events or actions, it’s up to you to clarify how your actions ALIGN with your daily life- * again, something I love to help peeps with!! Have you sat down and thought about goals or values for your own life, your family, your career? How do they integrate? Compliment one another?
  5.  Triage Your Calendar. Pull out your calendar right now and assess 2-3 things that are really non essential in your life that you can make a change to be canceled or rescheduled. Look at busy times of season for your family, at work, in other areas of your life and let go of anything that won’t serve you right now- WHY? b/c you need more down time, more unscheduled time, rest time, create time, walking in nature time- how do I know this? Because we all do!  My November was so full! So, in mid Nov. when I started to feel the pull and strain of that jammed calendar, when I could feel the tension in my belly started to tighten – I cleared December of anything non essential.- Ahhhh, I exhaled deeply and could feel my physical body start to relax more the minute I started to clear the calendar. My productivity went up, my mood got a bit better, my body felt more at ease and so did my mind!

I hope this helps – what do you already do that you need to celebrate? Email it over to me- and what would you like to start doing? I’d love to hear from you.

Oh- one more thing.. lately, I have been waking up at midnight for about 30 minutes. This is very unusual for me, but I think it has to do with the current state of the world.

Here is how I have been dealing with it..

  1. I sit up and rub some sleepy, nighttime oils on my feet. I like Sandalwood massage oil, Serenity blend, Vetiver, and Balance which I keep next to my bed.
  2. Next I push my pillow back and put my legs up the side of the bed for about 5-10 minutes. ” Legs up the bed pose”
  3.  Then I come back upright, prop my spine up and take another 5-10 minutes to breathe quietly, relax, follow my inhale and exhale and practice stillness. “Bed Med”
  4. Then I slide back into the covers and go back to sleep. ** try it! let me know if this works for you*


Want to do some 2017 planning with me?  Get more info here- pleasance@lilomm.com

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