Now This.

The time is now.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.

All the practice, all the quiet. We were building strength-inner strength, energetic

strength, mental strength, physical strength and clarity of mind and of purpose. We are

not confused as to who we are or what we stand for.

We are fierce and We are strong.

NOW is the time for deepening ALL our practices that bring us compassion, clarity, strength that is unwavering… we understand that our own care is not selfish but ESSENTIAL to being in this battle, in this world , in the best ways that we can, in all the ways that are possible and attainable and real in our lives- We ask, ” What can we do?”

This is a call to all yoga, meditation, wellness, health coaches and teachers and mentors and practitioners- to commit to being the spiritual love warriors for our fellow brothers and sisters.

We have access to all the tools to process emotion, to move our bodies in ways to strengthen them for the years ahead. We must listen and reach out, teach others and develop our inner strength -WE CAN NOT WAIT for others to join us. We stand tall and proud in our body, mind and spirit- CLEAR. CONFIDENT. ENERGETIC. RESTED. AWAKE to the realities that all beings true nature is love. ALL beings have this buried within them and the more that our love dispels the hate- we will stand STRONGER TOGETHER.

Yogis- meditators- seekers on the path- IT IS OUR TIME. We have been building our energy through our commitment to practice.

RIGHT NOW- you can..

Commit to being as healthy as you possible can so you can energetically, clearly communicate for what you believe in- uplift others. Encourage others. Share with others what you are doing, why you are committing to sleep, hydration, movement, and stillness. DO NOT LET THESE BASICS get pushed to the side- the only way to do this sustainably is with you being healthy and strong and AWAKE and alive. We need you.

I will continue to offer free videos for you to access in order to help you feel and process your own emotions and use the spiritual teachings to help support you along the way- All of this with the intention  to take action in the world, your community, your home, your life.  A spiritual love warrior- COURAGEOUS  (a coeur) and brave from the HEART, from wisdom, from truth-

LOKAH SAMASTA SUKINOH BHAVANTU- May all beings EVERYWHERE be happy and free and may the THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and that freedom. At the end of this video( which was a bonus for my ebook) – I chant this mantra- so you can listen and learn and do it with me.




  • REACH OUT TO ME FOR WHAT YOU NEED- I will make a video or a teaching for you if you are suffering and you need help- most likely so does someone else- I will do what I can to help you and find teachings that are relevant to what you are experiencing . ,


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