What is Family Yoga?

Get in comfy clothes.

Find a quiet, clutter free space.

Wrap your arms around one another and breathe.


Move your body in interesting shapes and share how it feels.

Name body parts and connections between our mind, body, breath.

Let it be short.

Give yourself permission to enJOY one another.

Close the sacred practice with an om or a gratitude moment or a moment of silence.

Feel free to add delicious, soulful music or  essential oils for mood and connection. 

Show up. Be seen. See. Listen. 

Be imperfectly perfect. 

Now This.

The time is now.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.

All the practice, all the quiet. We were building strength-inner strength, energetic

strength, mental strength, physical strength and clarity of mind and of purpose. We are

not confused as to who we are or what we stand for.

We are fierce and We are strong.

NOW is the time for deepening ALL our practices that bring us compassion, clarity, strength that is unwavering… we understand that our own care is not selfish but ESSENTIAL to being in this battle, in this world , in the best ways that we can, in all the ways that are possible and attainable and real in our lives- We ask, ” What can we do?”

This is a call to all yoga, meditation, wellness, health coaches and teachers and mentors and practitioners- to commit to being the spiritual love warriors for our fellow brothers and sisters.

We have access to all the tools to process emotion, to move our bodies in ways to strengthen them for the years ahead. We must listen and reach out, teach others and develop our inner strength -WE CAN NOT WAIT for others to join us. We stand tall and proud in our body, mind and spirit- CLEAR. CONFIDENT. ENERGETIC. RESTED. AWAKE to the realities that all beings true nature is love. ALL beings have this buried within them and the more that our love dispels the hate- we will stand STRONGER TOGETHER.

Yogis- meditators- seekers on the path- IT IS OUR TIME. We have been building our energy through our commitment to practice.

RIGHT NOW- you can..

Commit to being as healthy as you possible can so you can energetically, clearly communicate for what you believe in- uplift others. Encourage others. Share with others what you are doing, why you are committing to sleep, hydration, movement, and stillness. DO NOT LET THESE BASICS get pushed to the side- the only way to do this sustainably is with you being healthy and strong and AWAKE and alive. We need you.

I will continue to offer free videos for you to access in order to help you feel and process your own emotions and use the spiritual teachings to help support you along the way- All of this with the intention  to take action in the world, your community, your home, your life.  A spiritual love warrior- COURAGEOUS  (a coeur) and brave from the HEART, from wisdom, from truth-

LOKAH SAMASTA SUKINOH BHAVANTU- May all beings EVERYWHERE be happy and free and may the THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and that freedom. At the end of this video( which was a bonus for my ebook) – I chant this mantra- so you can listen and learn and do it with me.




  • REACH OUT TO ME FOR WHAT YOU NEED- I will make a video or a teaching for you if you are suffering and you need help- most likely so does someone else- I will do what I can to help you and find teachings that are relevant to what you are experiencing . , pleasance@lilomm.com


Healing Tool Kit

“There is no way out. The only the way is through.” Shambala teaching
Find a quiet spot. Take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself these questions below- jot them down in a journal or just reflect on the answers that arise.
How are you feeling? (no filter, no judgment)
Where do you feel this in your body? ( what specific areas of the body are these emotions arising?)
What does it feel like?  Be specific. ( Be detailed. Label and identify)
Practice Sama Vritti for 10 rounds.
inhale 4 count. exhale 4 count. ( 1 round)


What are 3 things/people/places  you adore in your life?
What are 3 things you can put in your “wellness tool kit, care kit” ?
What helps you return HOME in your body? Be specific- baths, hugs, yoga, meditation, oils, Pema books, etc) The clearer you are here- the better! This is a TOTALLY unique list for you to return to when you need to ground and center yourself.


Lay down on your back, flat. Spread your arms and legs so they have space so you feel the breathe fully in all areas of your body. Breathe from souls of feet to top of head. Watch this for guidance. 

In closing,

What is something you can do TODAY from a generous heart, with no expectation, no outcome.
Go out in the world and DO THAT THING.
I also find this type of breathing, deeply healing and this type of meditation also helps me to  cultivate compassion for my self and for others.
What do you to to heal your heart, heal your soul?


Do you have moments in your life that you wish you could stop time?

Moments where you feel so much love vibrating in your whole being that you want it to go on and on…..

Where it seems as if the whole universe is living and breathing through you?

When times are hard and confusing and as wild as they are right now, I noticed a number of times this past few days where I zoomed directly into the present moment and felt myself alive with connection.

I know connection heals. It brings me out of dark places, it lightens my heart, my perspective, my ability to expand my own compassion of self and to others. 

So tonight, I pulled them in close and let them feel safe and comforted by love. We all fell asleep together in the nest. Warm and cozy- and when I got up later to move them back to their beds- I kissed their cheeks and reminded them..

May you be safe.

May you be happy.

May you be healthy.

May you live with ease.

Wishing us all a peaceful week.

May we find in our hearts the actions and words that heal and unite. 

Ask (Go in and in)

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.” Shannon L. Alder


Here is a section from my book Delight– which I hope will help give you some guidance as you start to think about 2017.

Since we are getting closer to the new year- it’s important to pause and reflect on our

lives… is it time to make some changes? Is there something we need to celebrate?

What Does Ask Mean?

Are you ready to go deeper? It’s time to face some uncomfortable stuff and use what we discover to help us make some decisions and gain some clarity around our lives.

Asking means that we engage in a self-reflective process regularly, asking ourselves things like:

  • What is working in my life?
  • What needs to be adjusted?
  • Am I taking good care of myself?
  • Have I gotten distracted in my life in a way that has led me away from my core values?
  • What practices are working for me and make me feel good?

    The key to this type of inquiry is not that there actually is an answer. Sometimes we pose questions that have no answer, right now or ever. Some questions just make us pause and ponder. If you are someone (like me!) who loves an answer, a knowing, a way, a plan, then this practice can be rather challenging. But asking is the way to hear your soul’s song.

We will do this together, as a community at our Delight Retreat, this December.



It’s everywhere.

words of confusion and sadness. words of hope and faith.

you see, right now. in this moment. I want silence. I want truth.

I want it all to be known. It’s just not how life works.

we can’t have it that way.

In one moment, your life is flowing along with alarm clocks, missing socks, “what’s for dinner?” and checking Facebook, living life.

The next minute, paralyzed by the realities of being human. by loss. by love.

and slow motion sets in. fogginess. holding it together for others. the pain lifts a bit and then comes crashing back down. it is hard to breathe. hard to swallow. hard to know but I ask, I always ask- What’s happening. and the truth is- all of it. we live with all of it.

the sweetness that only love can bring and the pain that only love can bring.

last year, at this time, I was here scared. I was facing a terribly difficult decision about my future.  the cool weather reminds me of that time. feeling alone. feeling isolated. feeling it all. in one way, wanting things to be different than they had been and in other ways wanting them TO. ALWAYS. STAY. THE. SAME.  { I know, right… oh the beauty of attachments and aversions}

meanwhile, now I’m stronger, braver, wiser about my decisions. my commitments, my capacity to “do hard things” all while living a totally normal life. Not one of fame or glory but just of ease and joy. and since I change daily, and life changes moment by moment- those JOYS will too. STAY CURIOUS. KEEP ENGAGED. I remind myself of that every day.

ESPECIALLY when it gets really hard.

I face the unknown, we all do.

the common human experience of waiting.  right now I whisper TRUST.

life happens as it should. that my small minded fears need to be entertained in the current state of unknowing b/c my heart says.. not yet..

“you don’t know darling. you certainly have no control.  all is uncertain.”

so that is your practice- to stay open. to stay here.