my darling, my love, my strong and wonderful friend-


you are love. you are compassion. you are strength.

you do hard things.

when the racing thoughts feel like they are taking you down.



slow down enough to listen the wind rustle the trees, the birds song outside your window, the car driving past. slow down enough to hear life, live right outside of your head.

and from this place, of space, calm, peace and truth-


you are blessed with the ability and the capacity to be more than this moment, this thought.

KNOW that this too, shall pass and to only {and I mean}  ONLY treat yourself like you would treat your beloved. BE your own beloved. Take yourself in your own arms with only kindness and allow those feelings to move through. Use your breath to guide you home.

And from here, move into your day.

A Blessing

(for all the women who have reached out this past month to tell me how hard life is right now, I hear you. I love you. We are going to get through this)

I bless this breath and this moment.

I seek the love, peace and truth that resides within, even when my life is changing and challenging all around me.

I move into my life and my day with slow and steady awareness for whatever I want to change, noticing my aversions and attachments as they appear.. one by one.. all day long.

” Hi again. thanks for coming. I see you. what are you teaching me?”

And as this moment ends, I am awake.

Smile, head back into life with the comfort of my humanity.

With a playful attitude towards the next and the next.. as the certainty of our lives is that we experience a variety of emotions in any given day.

watching and flowing with the waves may bring joy  ( or pain).

I bless this life I am meant to live, right here. right now.

accepting and bowing to the only teacher {this moment } and I approach you again,  for the first time, just as I am.


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One comment on “Remember..

  1. cathy muir says:

    Love this, thank you, love you, thank you.

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