From STRESS to Chill

She is screaming. “no, mama. NO!”

I’m holding her hands down…..very firmly.

The light from the afternoon is actually quite beautiful, but her screams are so loud

I tune back in. I hold her palms and close my eyes. She is at the dentist. She is in pain.

As her anchor & her rock, the only thing I can do to help her {to help me } is to sit here and breathe as deeply and aware as possible. These are the moments I practice for.

We have all had to be in appointments where  support people we love who are having shots, in pain, broken bones, getting chemo, sewing stitches, whatever it is.

And these are the moments where our practice can rise up, guide us and help us in the most powerful form of love we can ever really show, and that is our non distracted attention.

Here are some suggestions for you…

1. Plan for Stress. This means, before appointments AS BEST I CAN.. I make sure I am well hydrated, well fed, and relaxed. I take care of myself so I can handle what comes at me. I use the bathroom before I take the kids to the doc, I make sure ALL my essential and most important tasks are complete. I also put some essential oils in my purse- I usually use some on my wrists behind my ears before I go. I like to have them in case I want to use them for my kiddos in the office while waiting- ESPECIALLY ON GUARD- which it the protective bend b/c I really don’t love being exposed to all those germs in the offices.

2. Ground Yourself. For me, when they start to really get stressed out – this means I root my feet ( whether standing or sitting) and I hold somewhere on their body and start really deep breathing. Today, I was holding her palms and breathing into her hands to send that grounded energy BUT I also had a few moments where I just held her temples, the sides of her tiny head and while she was freaking out- I sent all the energy into my palms, into my hands, trying to relieve her stress and racing thoughts. I have also done this on the feet or anywhere else where I can send energy BUT also feel grounded and stable in my own body and let the breathe flow through.

3. Chant. So.. I spend most of these appointments reciting AUM  ( OMMMMM) in my head. I sometimes chant it deeply to them or HUM it deeply, slowly. quietly. Sometimes I close my eyes and sometimes I look around the room while chanting- taking it all in. I did this a lot when Milo had very bad asthma attacks and we would have to sit in the ER for hours waiting for his meds to kick in.

What do you do to connect to your strength? Your peacefulness when things around you are stressful?

20130520-152240.jpg Baby Milo in the hospital. 3-4 years ago.



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