What to do when it all hurts….

Over the past few weeks many of the people in my life have had to deal with big huge horrible things, heartbreaking  painful truths, annoying illnesses, pain in the body and in the heart along with a huge serving of anger and frustration. 

from students to family members to my own personal life- this season came in, shook us up and spit us back out to pick up the pieces.

In hard times, I turn to anything Pema Chodron for healing and inspiration.

I mediate as often as I can. All day. As a lifestyle choice- my path to peace.

I cry a lot. I am empathic and sensitive which means I feel things. I know things about myself and others and I have learned {and keep learning} how to BE with discomfort. Like REALLY feel it. 

I notice when I do that, I wake the next day usually a little lighter.

I say yes to things that bring me JOY – and I say no to things that are too much for this season. It took a while to discern between the 2 but I am getting better at listening to my inner “hell yes! ” or “hell no.” 

I take baths with salts and oils and go to bed as early as possible. Each day brings all new possibility for challenges, bumps, blessings and I want to be well rested so I can go with the flow.

I set my intentions and plan ahead. I know some people freeze when they are in pain, I get it. Whatever you can do to look ahead- put something restful and peaceful in the calendar( like a retreat or a meditation or yoga class or carve out some writing time) I find just the act of planning for peace helps me deal with current stress.

Lastly, I chant OM in my head. Since I practice yoga as a lifestlye choice- I am always looking for ways to bring yoga off the mat and into my life. So- when shit gets real… I silently OM to myself. Feel the vibrations of peace, connect to my brothers and sisters around the world. Acknowledge this gift of life and go back to the dishes and laundry. 

what do you do to take good care of yourself when things suck?

My model calendar for this fall has given me SO much space to get truly inportant things done and to let go of the rest. I know exactly what I need to do each day in all areas if my life and I do it. Then I have lots of space to journal or walk or play or create.  I want this for you. 

I am obsessed with model calendars and Planning to Thrive… if you want to set up a 2 hour private session to create yours- email me . pleasance@lilomm.com ♥️♥️

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2 comments on “What to do when it all hurts….

  1. cathy muir says:

    I chant om mani padme aum over and over. When that wears thin, I replace with The Serenity Prayer. Doing it a lot lately. Much more than I thought I ever would.

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