Daily Practice.. Don’t miss your life.

As we transitioned back to life in DC, I noticed that some of my daily practices had been becoming a bit wacky. I find that I was waking up at 5am and doing some of my morning practices but that something was not quite right… I felt like something was missing.

One morning last week, I was moving slowly, making coffee and petting my dog and I realized- SADHNA. I miss my Sadhna. The daily art of listening to your life. of bringing to life the sacredness of life. Of dedicating your practices to something BEYOND you- to blessing the morning- the day – to making offerings to my teachers and to becoming connected to all things bigger than my little life. Agh- okay- I got it.  I was DOING all the things but I was not DOING them with a purpose- a reminder- an awareness of all the connections of WHY we do all of this…

There are many definitions of Sadhna. So for my purposes- here is what I mean…doing something regularly that deepens my practice and awareness and doing it with intention. Consistent, regular practices that you commit to with thoughts of gratitude for life, for teachings..I like this definition as well- “regular spiritual practice, your personal individual effort and it is the main tool you use to work on yourself to achieve the purpose of life” { which, FYI I am still trying to figure out }  In some traditions, it’s chanting or mantra and in others it’s offerings and blessings with meditation and yoga. Since I like to build on the wisdom traditions INTO my modern life – here is what it ACTUALLY looks like.

5:03am WAKE UP- Milo is in the bed ( he arrived at 4:46am) I pause and notice him. I breathe a little bit with him, just seeing him. Today is his first day of kindergarten so I acknowledge him for where he is, right now in this moment.  When me eyes open at 5:03 I think SADHNA. and this automatically puts me into gratitude and awake mode- I REMEMBER that I am taking this early morning time as my sacred way to start the day and it changes my mindset. This intention is what keeps me away from my phone and computer for at least an hour.

NEXT, I spend a few moments just breathing into my body. I put my feet in bound angle pose. One hand on the heart and one hand on the belly and breathe a bit here.

Now I’m ready to get up- and I drink the full glass of water next to bed. I rub 1 drop of balance oil on my feet. I start to breathe a bit deeper. I tip toe out of the bedroom. And downstairs where I fill up my water- add 1 drop of grapefruit oil and head to the basement. One of my sacred spaces. Here I light a candle. I take in the alter. I turn on the twinkle lights.

Today I want to practice to music so I put on my Yoga Yummy Playlist and let it shuffle-

The next 30 minutes is dedicated to intuitive movement and breathing practices. I do this with the help of Krishna Das, Wah, and others who inspire my movements. Today I pause between standing poses and relax. notice. feel all the feelings that are inside this morning, this first day of K and 3rd grade. The feelings that reside from yesterday that were hanging on- I process the emotions from the dreams I had last night. In standing poses, I use a very relaxed open mouth exhale to let go of what is stuck. And this goes on for a bit until I sit quietly. My practice is over. Not too long, not too short- just right for me. for today. A way to honor my life JUST AS IT IS right in this moment. Over the weekend, someone that I respected passed away and this morning I just spent some time thinking of her parents. Thinking of all her first days of school- you see this person was only 33 years old. It was not so long ago that her parents were packing her backpack & her lunches. Not so long ago that she was fixing up her hair and picking out which dress to wear. You see- as a mama, these are the moments I think of when someone dies. THE  LIFE MOMENTS that you don’t see on social media or in pictures. They are the actual tiny tiny moments of our lives- that only we see behind closed doors. The moments of childhood. Of growing and of loss. I think those are the most precious, the most intimate and the ways in which we actually connect as humans.

This morning I want to honor her family, in my own way by just bringing to mind all their little moments. By sending out whatever love and thoughts and acknowledgment I can to ALL The families who have kiddos not going to school today for whatever reason that is. I think of my friend Annie Lou’s kiddos who start school today without their mama. The first school year where she won’t be there with them. And I think of my friend Whitney who lost her beloved daughter this Spring who won’t get to have a “first day of kindergarten” with Eliana.

And as I sit here, it’s dawn now. The dog is snoring next to me. The coffee is getting cold. ANY moment they will come down to greet me and in no time at all- we will be on our way..and how incredibly wonderful and magical it is that these 2 beings will head out with us this morning. healthy and strong, alive and nervous- representing the mysterious wonder of life.  I have NO CLUE what this year will bring. The only thing I know is that we will face challenge and celebrate joys.

And I know my Sadhna practice will be the anchor and the guide for me, in how to be with and feel the reality of my life.

Start Your own Sadhna

  1. Choose a space. make it sacred ( candles, pictures, something inspirational)
  2. Commit to a day and time ( preferably the SAME day and time each day) and know that you can always have a Sadhna practice when you need it- but to get started as a habit- go ahead and commit. ( oh and show up for yourself!)
  3. If you know some yoga poses, do them- some dance moves- do them, some workout moves- do them! Don’t let the movement freak you out- LET the breath guide you. When you feel like pausing and just sitting or standing still- do that.
  4. Sometimes I write in my journal while I am in practice or right after- so if you are processing a lot of emotions or changes you might want to keep one near by.
  5. During the whole practice- just allow your self to be. GET quiet enough to let intuition guide- so many of us have NOT been practicing listening to our life- that this might take a few rounds.
  6. Bring in some gratitude, some intentions, some acknowledgments to joy or sorrow that you or someone you love has.
  7. Repeat as much as possible.

xoxoxox P

I would love to help you create your own Sadhna practice-

email me @ pleasance@lilomm.com to get some support.


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