the light

as the light went out,

the heart got warm.

when someone reaches out and says,” I love you. thank you.” and you want to jump across the screen and hug them, love them, hold them.

we often speed by in our life, never pausing to say, “You matter.”

But then, something happens and times stops.

Emotions swell and the rain falls. But for now, I see you.

I see it all. I can feel it in my bones, in my shoulders. in all my achy parts.

This life thing. The beauty, the pain, the joys and the heartbreaking sorrows.

Moms losing babies. Babies losing mamas.

Eventually, it will warm up. the insides and the outsides will return..

“to normal?”

what does that mean? I have been forever loved by you.

I have known love b/c of you.

I have felt seen & heard & known and alive in with you.

So what happens when you are gone?

You are with me. And I am with you.

when the night falls, the tears came and the show was over.

“move on. you did good.” the soul whispered.

“it’s time” she held my hand. she squeezed me tight, and when she let go.. I was stronger.

My eyes and heart swell with love and tears and gratitude for what WAS.

But everything comes to an end. EVERY. THING. The embrace of this helps ease the pain.

So much is different now.

And towards the light we gather… braver. clearer. wiser.

Until we meet again, remembering what was. The feeling lives in my breath. in my body. in my heart. in my prayers is there when I slow down to feel it. when I remember to remember it. when I know it’s where I grew up. when she was born and in light she lives.

when we choose love. img_9257

Nataraja- the KING of Dancers, lord Shiva.

creation and dissolution

light and dark

death and birth



And ya know- POTENTIAL in all of us, at any time.



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