A girl can dream…

One of the principles of Thrive, my online wellness class is journaling. In the class I go into details around many types of journaling that has been effective and helpful in my life.

Today I want to write about scripting or dreaming. So, open your mind here. Try not to resist. This type of journaling is just imagining you are ahead of yourself looking back at where you are now or were. For example, I just wrote an entry set 10 years from now. I wrote about Saylor being 18 (!) and Milo being 15. I wrote about what our life is like and I wrote about the fact that it has been 10 years since the studio closed. I wrote about my strong marriage and I felt all the feelings that came up with adding another 10 years to our current 18 years together and it blows my mind.

I LOVE this type of journaling and have done it many times over the years at different periods in my life. 

Why do this? everytime I do this, I leqrn something about myself- my future and my dreams. I find compassion for myself and It helps me REALLY drop into gratitude for what is real and live now- and to help me get through tough times also…helps keep my perspective healthy. 

How to start 

1. get a journal you will only use for scripting…. planning ahead.. dreaming.

2. in this journal YOU design your life. as you want it. 6 weeks from now, 6 months from now, 6 years from now! You pick.

3. Be specific. This helps the dreams come to life! 

4. Do this 3 times a week to start and then allow yourself flexibility 2-4x depending on how committed you are.

Please note- if you write about something and it actually does not feel good or like something you really want to happen- just let it go. If you write about something and you realize- WHOA! I Want that in my life! then write IN detail about that aspect as specifically and often as possible. It also helps get those dreams coming to life.

You can write about things you want to have, relationships you want to heal, or ways you want to grow your biz or your career. 

questions? email me pleasance@lilomm.com 

I would LOVE to hear what is coming up for you!

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