the simple life. I have been on a quest for this for a while now. WHY? Pulling back is a practice for me especially because I am someone who is motivated and capable. the alternative did not seem to be working. I am someone who has ALWAYS had a too full closet, fridge, purse, life. But there came a point when that did not feel good anymore. I felt like my life was speeding away from me….. my body told me in different ways (losing hair, adrenal fatigue, weight gain)- and it was up to me to listen. 

Here is what I notice when I simplify….

1. I feel calmer & peaceful more regularly and for a longer period of time. 

2. I experience a more in tune, in alignment exsistence and less up down and all around mood swings. 

2. I feel clarity and strength in my mind and in my body. 

3. I see my life. I see my children. I feel them. I listen. I hold. I touch. I am here.

4. I feel more joy & ease in all areas. 

5. I feel as if my days are full of the things I love & moments that are uniquely delicious to me, at this time in my life.

6. I feel my aliveless and my wholeness. I am sensitive to the changes in nature and my own rythms. I feel empowered by this awakening. 

7. When I have a big emotion or a painful loss I feel it. I have time and energy to mourn and experience grief & discomfort. This is HUGE as I believe it is also the access point to transformation and growth. Having time to experience hard things without shoving them down or numbing them is a reason I feel resilient, stronger and clearer about how big this gift of life is and its powerful preciousness. Nothing, NOTHING is taken for granted. 

When I began to let go of being superwoman, I began an investigation into my actual wants and desires for this life.

Now… it looks like this.   Having work time each day. I LOVE to work. BUT this had to be contained. I challenge myself to do 90mins on and then break. Some days I get another 90mins and others I stop. Depends on the day. 

Also, since I value our home and healthy food I have to make time to take care of these areas as well. If they are top on my values list, then they need to appear regularly in my schedule. 

Cleaning, planning, moving and resting are also on the list in order for me to have mental health and do all I want in the world. But if my schedule or the kids is too jammed- THIS GETS PUSHED out and I do not like how I feel…. since I run our family life ( for the most part) it is my job as the leader to keep my team members ( kids and hubby) thriving by routine, play and free time. We ALL get it in our house. 

I like to help my community and attend events 1-2x a week.  It used to be 5-6nights a week…. So I have trimmed that down and It feels great.

I have my next book mapped out & I am feeling called to get it in the world. So that is something I am marinating on. What can come in and what should go out. 

But today will not be lost on me. And I hope you pause and think of 1 area you can simplify. Here are some suggestions. 
Simple practices to help nourish you.


lay on your back. hug your knees in. breath deeply. lengthen your legs towards the sky. spread your toes. breathe deeply. move with your breath for 5-10 minutes


sit tall. long spine. lower chin. relax. breathe deeply. relax jaw. relax space between your eyes. inhale and exhale for a few minutes. give yourself a break. breathe for 5-10 minutes


sit down and free write for 2 minutes. I desire… I want to feel…. I am moved by…. I hear…..keep going with whatever comes up.


challenge yourself to make a meal this week with very few ingredients. take out all the bells and whistles. enjoy nature’s food as pure and clean and fresh as you can. prepare it with your heart. your kitchen is a sacred space. clean and organize it. treat your food with love. and take good care of what goes in. 

fun & play

plan something for YOURSELF that YOU enjoy, truly your own joy. a dance class. an art class. an alone date. something. do it now. put on calendar. something just for you. sometimes my fun/play is just a walk by myself in the woods or in a neighborhood I don’t know well. 


email me with any issues/ challenges you are having in making simplicity a part of your life. I love having these conversations around how to make our lives work for us.

TRUST ME. I know it is hard. But then, it isn’t.  It is empowering and divinely beautiful to have the strength and intentionality to play & live on your own terms. 

2 books I love


The Power of Less

This is from Mark Whitwell’s site.

Love this quote and the meaning…. so good. so true. 

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