What is PAUSE?

A few years ago I started consistently attending retreats.

I went to a few Business retreats, Women’s retreats  and a few Meditation retreats. What I noticed when I came back and shared my experience ( feeling refreshed, nourished and renewed) with others I always heard the same thing…

” I wish I could do that.”

“I can’t seem to get away.”

” I’m can’t  afford that.”

” That sounds wonderful, how can I find the time?!?”

So, I took this LONG list of all the reasons you CANNOT do it- and I removed the obstacles.

#1. You CAN. All ages, sizes, levels are welcome.

#2. Our day long retreat is RIGHT in Tenleytown, DC. Metro and bus accessible.

#3. We made it affordable for a 1 day retreat.

#4. The retreat takes place DURING school or work hours. Which means you DO have to take a mental health day from your life/job AND I encourage you to let go of the busy to do-ness of your day. BUT if you have school age kids- drop them off, come relax and then go pick them up.

What to expect.

*Loads of quiet. movement. stillness. community. peace.

*Simple, practical tools and techniques that you CAN take back to your life to integrate into your non- retreat like days.

Our next session is Thursday, May 19  9:30am-2:30pm located at IMCW 4708 Wisconsin Ave NW

Questions? pleasance@lilomm.com

Bring a journal and a lunch. ( or feel free to go out for lunch)

“Silence is a source of great strength.” – Lao Tzu

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