love & loss

Last week I lost 2 loved ones who I had the privilege of knowing from the lil omm community.

Annie Lou was a  prenatal yoga student of mine, a beloved community member, a wonderfully creative and fun human being who profoundly changed the energy in our city.

Annie Lou wrote this farewell letter that was in the program at the funeral. I have been reading it every day. It’s like a prayer, a gift that she left us with. It’s for everyone. All of us. we must remember, “Please enjoy your life. enjoy each day, spread love and good cheer and happiness and share thoughts and fun with others.” okay darling, we hear you.

The messages are so INCREDIBLE. So real, so moment to moment, mindful, alive, spirited, and PLEASE, PLEASE take it to heart. Let’s all do this in honor of Annie Lou.

We also lost the darling and spirited Eli Ortiz, a 3 year beauty who danced and stretched her way into our hearts. We hold in our thoughts and our prayers the whole Ortiz family, especially Emi, Eli’s twin sister.

Here is how you can help her family and others.

I’m not sure what to do or say with this much suffering and loss. I have been mostly quiet about it- and then I knew I had to share about these 2 beauties, these 2 loves. B/c they need to be REMEMBERED to be held in your thoughts- to be prayed for and and noticed and known. Annie Lou and Eli- you were special to me. to our community. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being.

Last night there was a rainbow over Washington- a double actually, and rainbows were significant in BOTH of Annie Lou & Eli’s life. It’s not a coincidence.

I am home mostly these days, nursing my broken foot and so it’s quite a miracle that I looked up and saw the rainbow through the window. I happened to be on the floor of my bedroom, stretching and playing with my kids- when the rainbow appeared.

we held our breaths, we saw the colors, we wanted to chase it and follow the magic.

My own heart wept for the families. For the love, for these beautiful rays of light that came into our lives and changed us forever.

Death teaches me to love life more. Reminds me of this fleeting moment, breath, time here. Death brings the most intense pain and sadness and the deepest appreciation for the sun rising, the laughter in the living room, and the sensations of a hot bath on my achy body. Grief rises and falls in my body and in my heart these days, embracing the totality of all of our human-ness.

“The world and life is so beautiful and interesting and vibrant. Love it.” – Annie Lou



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