Once Upon A Time….

There was a girl who had a lot of dreams and big emotions. But she was not sure what she would do with them.  She  went through years and years of feeling sad and disconnected and lonely in her life, even when she was surrounded by people. 

When therapy and travel did not heal the pain, she lost hope. So, to cover the numbness- She worked more. She did more. She gave more. She questioned more. She proved her enoughness more. Stillness and quiet were scary and only for lazy, boring, unproductive people… and she wanted to be amazing!  

that crazy busy thing did not seem to work that well. lots of stress and physical pain. unhealthy habits in order to keep going and a resentment about responsibilities she had agreed to.

And then, she found her way home. Using yoga & other tools from the wisdom traditions. so she did more, read more, learned more, sacrificed the “normal life” to put spirtuality at the top of the list and she  began feeling better and better. things started to make sense. The deep longing for connection began to actually happen in everyday life. 

She learned that it was not about what was happening on the outside, that it was always about what was happening on the inside. and with years of practice, she started to see the joy that existed within. 

the light and love that no one could take from her. she began to explore and dedicate her life to learning more about these practices. 

and there are times of doubt and fear but mostly an inner peace and trust that is present when she listens. and now the journey to sharing this in new ways with others who have those same questions, big and small, those same feelings- IS THIS ALL?

and with a strong and compassionate Heart- a fearless and brave answer rises up- to say YES. This moment of anger, this elated joy, this incredible sunshine, is our life. It is now. Embrace those doubts and worries AS signs of life. Acknowledge them and dance forward side by side. It is the proof that YOU ARE ALIVE!

And the girl rests. She opens her eyes with a new softness that only wisdom and pain and heartbreak and wonder can truly  unlock. We know. We feel it.

We hear you,  sweet girl.

Stay awake.
Stay with love. 


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