Wet eyes, full hearts

Today, I spent time going through dozens of emails gathering words from students about the work lil omm and I have done over the years. The purpose was to UPDATE my blog,  with new, fresh and REAL words from students. Whoa.

The memories, the laughs, the tears, the gratitude our community has had! It’s a lot. We had a space that really invited people in and saw them as they came. what a gift. I know that was good work, and I know it lives on!  Even as it changes, and shifts and ebbs and flows..and expands into new realms. The expansion is actually really cool. I’m stretching myself in whole new ways- online classes, filming home practices, writing consistently mostly “good enough” posts. 

The fun thing is to create offerings and classes that feel authentic to the kind of teacher I am now, to the person I am now and to help share allthe teachings  that I have learned with others. WHY? b/c they WORK! they give you joy! and energy! and love! and authentic relationships and they heal. It’s not easy work, per se- to see the truth and FEEL ALL THE FEELS.. but I know it’s real SOUL work. I posted a picture on Instagram of the Soul VS Ego work that keeps showing up in my life. I’m journaling and exploring what that looks like for me.

For us, to keep it going. It’s all changing, that’s for sure- but here is what I know- I teach what I need. I write what I need to hear. I am who I am and the more I accept and love her, the more I believe this is the right way.  Can I really, I mean REALLY trust that this path will bring me freedom, financial, creative, flexible abundance and the meaningful, purposeful service I KNOW I need to make in the world.  I took the 6 Human Needs test recently and was reminded that my top needs were TIED between Contribution – The need to contribute to that which is beyond you and  Growth – The need to grow and develop. DUH! but now that I KNOW , KNOW it in my bones- I have to continue to build my life around this.

I have faith in the work- And in the meantime, check out our updated website lilomm.com and blog lilommlife.com which highlights the whole thing- the ups and downs , the ins and the outs of transitions. LIFE LIVE.



PS. This rocks. for ALL ages.

PPS- I have been dreaming about a class where we dive into some self-study using a variety of perspectives/angles. I have been creating a list of tools ( Strengthsfinder, Enneagram, How the World Sees You, etc) and think it would be fun to explore all these tools and see how they help us in our lives? Does that sound interesting to you? email me if that’s a yes!

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