Being a WRITER?!?!

I really do think it’s true that sometimes  the SIGNS are all around us and it’s up to us to hear them. And it can be rather scary to step into our Power. WHY? I’m asking this question all the time, these days. Ego vs soul. living, writing, working, breathing. everything Ego VS. soul. ( more soon on that)

I avoided the label ,”writer” for the past 37 years. But I eat, sleep, breathe books, words and writing. I have journals that literally fall out of the closets and drawers, in every purse and bag and room in the house- books and journals. reading and writing. simple as that.

I have been looking out the window to notice things, my whole life. But never wandering away to a far away place. Always seeing just what is.

I always have been an observer.  a watcher. seeing people. seeing beauty.  seeing grit & grime and rawness. feeling it all.

Earlier this year, I was told about an intense book writing process where at the end of 12 weeks you were done.

Jan – April and then you would have a book. I signed up when I was terrified, lost, scared and unsure of what was next. And just to be clear, I still feel many of those same feelings in the same moment that I feel deeply connected to my source, my power, my truth and totally on the right path.

WHY NOT write a book in one of the weirdest, hardest times of your time- sounds PERFECT.

and it was a tad messy- to say the least, but I stuck to the plan that my mentor outlined. I followed the rules, I let go, I got out of the way and I wrote a sweet little self help book for women who  want more Delight in their daily life. I had NO CLUE in November when I picked  Delight  for my Word of the Year that it would be my book title?!?!

This sweet little book was actually quite fun to write and I’m grateful to have gone through the process. It was incredible.  But, there’s more.

I have the book to support the work I am moving into.. helping women ( groups and individuals) make healthy choices to live with more joy and ease using practical daily routines, rituals and practices.

But I learned something along the way.. writers like me have VARIOUS platforms, outcomes, inspirations, canvases. What appears in my journals comes from a different part of my brain than what goes on this blog about a lil omm life. And the book was all about giving people a taste of what I believe, what I practice and WHY.

And sometimes it all aligns cleanly, and sometimes I think- “you SHOULD write a blog with the 5 steps to BLAH BLAH” ( b/c I see everyone else doing that content BS) and then I REBEL and say F*IT! no one reads this anyway! or cares! TOO MUCH noise!

write something meaningful. who cares if it “attracts clients?” “fits the outline for best ways to get followers? more numbers! more likes!” AGH! I can’t keep up with all that- that’s WHY I left studio life… never ever was enough. ( even when it totally was) and it never WAS going to be enough- no matter who the landlord or rents where.

So, I’m going to free myself from this being anything other than total creative space.

write for and from my soul. write to step into the stories we all share. what feels relevant and alive and interesting.

write from my heart to yours, one being to another.


So, now that I step into the whole WRITER thing… my friend Deb Ager who IS a writing coach asked me to help lead a day long workshop! It’s on Mindfulness And Writing- how we integrate the 2 in order to complete the web copy, brochure, blog, book, article!

How fun! You can learn more here.


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