wobble, wobble, relax

I have shared these instructions before.

Mostly, in relation to meditation, Erich Schiffmann’s words. 

And now, here is my morning.

Wake up at 5. Sit up. Feel tired still and decide to go to the bathroom, wash my face and change my clothes.

I stand up and feel the pain.

Wobble, wobble relax into it.

ahhhh… I can feel the pain and the stress loosen a bit.

I do that and return to my bed to meditate.

I prop the pillow for some bed med. I longingly look at my meditation cushion and pillow which for now, lays un touched. Gathering dust while my foot heals. 

I will approach this space with curiosity and wonder. Its okay to meditate in bed. Its okay to stretch my legs out, instead of fold them. Its okay to be me, just as I am.

In this moment, this is my practice.

The chimes ring, I realize I have been thinking almost the whole time. 

Inside I think, wobble, wobble relax.

My mind was wobbly, my body wants to move, my foot says, relax.

I get my flashlight and read for 10 minutes, ” Sacred Success” 

Hello divine feminine power. hello Thursday.

chime. pause

I put the book down and see dawn. 

The dog barks, My husband rolls over. 

I am so cozy.

I snuggle back down under the covers and feel the sheets, the blankets, the birds are singing lullabies not wake up calls. 

with windows open,  I go back to sleep.

When day officially begins, I start to find my way downstairs. It takes so long now.

I approach one step, and then the next. Creak on the stairs, nervous of weight bearing down.

I hug the wall. I relax, thank you.

I feel supported by this home, by my husband and friends, by this wall.

But mostly of my practice. Because all I need to know is to trust the process. 

in essence, life will always be this. wobble, wobble relax. 

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